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Hilarious Box of Frogs by Helen Harper ARC Review

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Box of Frogs by Helen Harper

Series: The Fractured Faery #1
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, YA, romance

One corpse. Several bizarre-looking attackers. Some very strange magical powers. And a severe bout of amnesia. Madrona is not having a great week. It’s going to be okay though.

All she has to do is find out who she really is, protect a soap star from being attacked by a stalker and work out why so many people seem so afraid of her. Because surely she’s a good person.


Box of Frogs Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I received a free copy of Box of Frogs for an honest review.

Helen Harper as an author really reminded me of another author – Jennifer L. Armentrout. Both are authors that I always go to whenever I just want to read a book for easy entertainment, that’s because I can always trust these two to write an indie YA romance book with the perfect balance between being a bit trope-heavy but still well-written enough to be genuinely enjoyable.

I guess another reason why I enjoy Helen Harper as an author and her works – this book being no exception – is how predictable the content is. Although her works are usually pretty similar to the same classic indie tropes you see in romance YA (e.g. sassy protagonist, witty guy, adventure, powers), they still never disappoint. I still get entertained and ended up enjoying the book.

Although Box of Frogs can definitely be criticized to be too “cliche” or “trope-heavy” since, yes, it really does use a LOT of YA tropes, it can still be enjoyable. The story was structured and made logical sense, and it was just…enjoyable. Okay, I know I am completely overusing this phrase for my review, but here’s the thing – this is the best and most accurate word to describe Box of Frogs.

Whether or not that’s a good thing depends on the reader’s standard at the time, so it’s up to you (the reader of my review) to decide if this is a good thing or not. So my advice would be to choose when you read Box of Frogs if you want to enjoy this book better. Don’t read Box of Frogs when you’re craving a more in-depth book that is less cliche and childish; you will be disappointed and hate this book. Read it if you ever just crave a throwaway read. Read this on a plane, when you’re bored in a hotel.

Box of Frogs is not the book of the year, that’s not what I am trying to say. All I’m saying is that I do recommend this book if you’re just trying to relax, but do not read this book if you’re trying to find a masterpiece or an all-time favorite.

About Helen Harper

 Box of Frogs

Scottish native Helen Harper is the author of the hugely popular Blood Destiny series, as well as the gritty urban fantasy Bo Blackman books and the romantic Olympiana novels. A self-confessed cat lady with an over-active imagination, she spends her time lost in fantastical worlds filled with kickass heroines, intricate legends and lots and lots of dangerous excitement.

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