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Review Policy

Authors and Publishers, Please take a look at my below criteria before considering contacting The Reading Life for a book review request. 

Please in your review request include how you found my blog (a.k.a blogger platforms, google, etc).

Reviews Formats I would Accept:

  • Kindle/eBooks/Mobi files
  • Paperbacks (you will need to ship to Canada)
  • PDFs (although not preferred because the format is not very convenient on Kindle)
  • Audiobooks (preferably mp3 file, because I’m having some problems and complications with Audible)
  • I have nothing against it, but I do prefer mainstream romances (M/F)

I can’t accept Epubs, because there are some technical difficulties when it is used on my Kindle. And please send Mobi files if you can, since PDFs are really inconvenient for me to read.

I am generally very open to all genres, but here is some more specific information on genres I’m more favorable toward and more:

Genres I Prefer to Review:

This is a blog that is open to all kinds of literature but mainly focuses on YA and NA.  I only occasionally take Adult books. Below are the YA and NA genres I usually tend to favour, but not the only ones I will accept because I’m really open to all genres.   

  • Young Adults (all)
  • Fantasy, high fantasy
  • Science Fiction/Dystopian
  • Post-Apocalypse 
  • Romance (as long as it’s not inst-love, and preferably just a subplot)
  • Paranormal 

The Genres I listed in this list below would be the ones I would no longer accept. I have tried them before and am genuinely not interested in them:

  • Children’s Books
  • Self-help
  • Non-fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Books without romance included 

If your book has the following tropes, please explicitly tell me in your message. I love these tropes so much, so if your books have the following tropes the chances of me accepting them would be drastically higher:

  • Hate-love relationship/slow-burn romance
  • Villain love interests, the “not-so-horrible jerks”
  • The protagonist is sent into a competition/school/etc to infiltrate and steal something,  just be a spy, things like that

Also, I would very much appreciate it if your review request can include a quick info on how you found my blog, and please remember to include a Goodreads or Amazon link for the book along with your book description.

About My Reviews:

  • My reviews include the 5-star rating system (with my own format, and a simple essay or just several paragraphs.
  • For the book information, I’ll include the book cover and the synopsis, the number of pages, the publication date, the author, the series, the genre, and the title.
  • I will provide a short bio about the author. The picture and bio I will use will all be retrieved from the author’s Goodreads profile. 
  • I’ll criticize anything if there’s anything to criticize, and I would go on a praise anything and everything I found good in the book.
  • Also, please go ahead and check out my other reviews if you want to get a better idea of what formats I use. 
  • I do not start a review until I completely finished the entire book, due to the fact that my opinion of books often grows as the book progresses. 
  • To fund my website for operations (hosting, Canva, website theme, mailing list, domain, IT, and more), I may ask for a small fee in exchange for my time reading, reviewing, and/or promoting your book(s). You may promote my review as an editorial review.
  • Because of the nature of this fee, it will not impact the rating of your book (for better or for worse). So please do not reach out to me if you expect a guaranteed good review purely because you paid a fee! I will treat it no different than an unpaid ARC.

Other Services:

  • I love interviewing authors or bloggers. If there’s any request for a sponsor or interview request, you can either email me at or fill out this link here.
  • If there are any upcoming tours, blitzes or cover reveals that you would like me to participate in, please feel free to contact me as well.
  • Besides that, even if I did reject your request because the book is not for me, I may be willing to recruit and find other reviewers and bloggers for the book.

Please give me some time to actually get to you! I get so many requests it will take some time for me to reach yours. But I promise I am trying my best! I really want to actually do as many reviews as I can.

Blog Stats:

3,500 – 5,000 daily views
78,000 – 100,000 monthly views
1,800 – 2,300  daily unique visitors

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