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I do all of the designs for the promotions when working with authors and publishers. Please feel free to contact me for further details!

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Delaine Coppock, Author of The Queen’s Blood Saga

“I had the pleasure of working with Anne from The Reading Life Blog for my Young Adult Fantasy series, and I have been so thrilled with her reviews, as well as the whole process. Anne gives thorough reviews of the novels she reads, which as an author is such a delight. I especially enjoyed the depth of story and character review she gave, indicating the time she spent considering the work in all the ways she experienced it. I was pleased to receive a full media pack and to see the shared purchase links for my books on the blog. I loved being able to easily share these reviews with my followers. Anne gave thoughtful communication throughout the process, which was smooth and punctual, so there were never any snags. I can wholeheartedly recommend Anne to all authors wanting an authentic, thorough review of their published works. I certainly will be coming back with my new books!”

Song of Amber and Ire | Song of The Wild | Song of Blood and Heart

Lee McCall, Author of Sleeping Dogs

“It’s not easy for debut authors to find reviewers willing to consider their book. I was incredibly fortunate to find Anne and “The Reading Life Blog.” There are two things in particular that made her an exceptional reviewer. 

First, Anne not only accepted my review request, but was even kind enough to accommodate my promotional timeline, even though it meant extra work for her. To find a reviewer who is so helpful to novice authors is a rare thing. 

Second, she went above and beyond what I was expecting. I had only anticipated receiving confirmation that a review was up on her blog. Instead, Anne also provided detailed and incredibly helpful information on how to use her review to promote my book on Goodreads, Amazon, and my website. She even provided Instagram-ready material that I could post to my account. I was not expecting any of this, and was honestly blown away by the support she provided.

In addition to the above, her review of my book itself was detailed, thorough, and very fair. I would recommend Anne and “The Reading Life Blog” without hesitation to any author, whether novice or experienced.”

Sleeping Dogs Review

Richard Harland, Author of Ferren and the Angel

“They say all publicity is good publicity but – speaking selfishly – I enjoy some interviews much more than others. There are ho-hum interviews that ask the standard questions, and because I do so many interviews I end up answering as I’ve answered many times before. The better interviews make me respond with fresh responses, and the very best interviews put me on the spot and force me to think through what I’ve never thought through before. On that count, my interview with The Reading Life was one of the best. I came away with the sense that, yes, I’d learned something too.”

Interview | Ferren and the Angel Review

Autumn M. Birt and Jesper Schmidt, Author of Magic Unleashed

“We had the pleasure of working with Anne, asking her to write a review of our epic fantasy novel, Magic Unleashed. Her review was well throughout and written in a language readers understand. In particular, we appreciated how Anne made it clear from the beginning that she would write her honest opinion (we would never ask for anything else) and would not be swayed by popular opinion. Luckily (for us), Anne gave the book a glowing five star review.”

Magic Unleashed Review

Nathaniel Sheft, Author of Modern Day Cowboy: The Making of a Gunfighter

“When I am looking for a reviewer, I’m hoping to get someone who is a regular reader. Maybe someone in that target demographic, and hopefully someone with a blog. This at least indicates they take it seriously and may even be able to give you some pointers on posting reviews. Anne was this for me, she likes reading and reviewing. More importantly, she enjoys the fantasy of stories and getting lost in them. She was able to pick out the nuances of my main character and why she was the way she was. You need a reviewer like this if you wish to improve your writing for future stories. She will be honest with you but she’s not there to tear down your confidence. My particular story was not what she normally reads but she did an honest and sincere review anyway. I’ve had other reviewers who have done a decent job, they read the story and liked it, but they missed the nuance of the character, some of the white noise, and the connections to life. Anne didn’t. I suggest if you run across her blog or web page, you investigate and use her services. Bonus, she even told me how to post her review so that it doesn’t violate any Amazon rules. Yes, I highly recommend her.”

Modern Day Cowboy: The Making of a Gunfighter Review

Sam Accardi, Author of Dragonkin

“Working with Anne and The Reading Life blog has been great! She provided an insightful and honest review. Any criticism she provided was constructive and has been taken to heart as an avenue for improvement. She was incredibly communicative throughout the process, keeping me updated about my position in her review/reading queue and being upfront about wait times and how long the average read takes, as well as any fees associated with requesting her review. I would definitely recommend The Reading Life Blog to any author looking for an honest and professional review at a reasonable rate! I will definitely be requesting reviews for further books of mine in the future.”

Dragonkin Review

Jack Merwin, Author of Did You Read the News?

“My favorite thing about Anne is that she is responsive! I’ve reached out to a lot of reviewers and book bloggers over the years and it’s a surprise to even get a reply back. Anne is one of the few who does and that automatically puts her at the top. I know I can come to her and even if she is too busy to review my work I know she’ll let me know. I always can rely on Anne to give me her honest opinions of my work without any fluff and for that I am forever thankful!”

Did You Read the News? Review

Daniel Couto, Author of Solipsum

“There are many reviewers out there, some good, many medicore, and some great. Anne Clarence is one who falls into the great category. Her reviews are thoughtful, thorough, and considerate with at depth that only comes from reading a great many books and equally, from a love of reading. Are you an author who is looking for a rock-solid all-bases-covered review? I would highly recommend you give Anne a try.”

Solipsum Review

Nicole Hayes, Author of Last of Daylight

“Anne was nice enough to read my Sci-Fi take on vampires, where they invaded in our past and inspired our current lore. Her review was very encouraging, and she provided fair feedback. I’ve known for some time that my first book is my weakest entry in the series–I’ve been told that’s not so uncommon, so I wasn’t discouraged. But what she did like, I knew she’d find more of in the next book. I know she’ll provide it a fair review.”

Last of Daylight Review

Caitee Cooper, Author of Silverskin

“As a reviewer, Anne is great to work with! She’s responsive, professional, and courteous, and her review was in-depth. I’ve used it to great effect in my book marketing, including putting an excerpt on the back of the novel itself. I recommend her, and will be asking for her reviews in the future!”

Silverskin Review

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