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Exclusive Interview with Christina Bauer: Unveiling the Magic Behind Her Captivating Fantasy Novels

What is your favorite writing and reading genre?
I read a little bit of everything, mostly because I’m addicted to world building. For example, I’ll read a traditional romance if the author has really done their homework on what it’s like to be an EMT, football player, rock star, or whatever. Mostly, I prefer paranormal romance and fantasy, though. Lately, I’ve been reading a ton of bear shifter stuff as well as books in the whole ‘Mars needs women’ trope.

Where and how did you get your idea for your books?

Oh, I start off with great ideas for my books. I map things out. It’s all pretty-pretty. And then, I start to write. That’s when the books become whatever the fuck they want. I fight it for a while and eventually give in. For the Angelbound series, I had Myla as a loser who lived in her room and was terrified of the world. She beat my head in on that one. And Armageddon started off as an evil poodle (no, I’m not kidding.) When I’m in the zone, the stories feel like they move through me, not from me, if that makes sense. So, long story short, I have no idea where they come from!

If a movie or TV show would be created for your books, which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead roles for your books?

If someone ever made a movie of Angelbound, I would love for Myla to be played by a confident young comedienne who can also kick ass. No one really comes to mind as filling the bill today, so I’m guessing it would need to be a new face.

When did you decide to become a writer?

The first time I remember wanting to be a writer was when I was six and answered on a school form ‘I want to be a righter.’ The teacher corrected me and said I would never be a writer until I learned to spell. Nuns are awesome like that.

How did you get your book published? How long did it take for you to get it published?

I tried to get Angelbound published for over a year in the traditional way. The consistent feedback was that first of all, paranormal romance was dead and second, the character was too outlandish for anyone to like her. One male agent actually wrote to me in an email that “no teenage girls would like this heroine.” I replied “I’m glad you’re not a teenage girl, then” and never heard from him again. He’s probably out there somewhere hating my guts, but the comeback was too sweet to pass up.

Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, which book did you get the worst while writing?

I used to get writer’s block on my early books a lot. My book Angelbound: Scala was really hard when it came to that. My worlds are super-complex and layered to build. I go back at least three generations, whether it’s a character, land, or category of people. Add onto that the plot lines and so forth, and it’s easy to get off track on the story. I started to get past that challenge around book seven, which is Beholder: Concealed. I can juggle multiple things much more easily now. I guess it’s like any mental muscle—it gets stronger the more you use it.

What is the average time for you to write a book?

Lately, I’ve been running one full novel about every four months. It seems like the more I write, the more I can write. Go figure!

For your own reading, do you prefer kindle or paperback books?

Kindle, baby.

How are the covers made for your books?
I work with an amazing cover artist who paints on top of photographs. Here’s an example of what she did for my book, Angelbound: Acca…

Wow, right? It’s hard to believe the before and after. There are about six different photos layered in that image, starting with the body model.

What advice would you give writer wannabes and future/young authors?

Keep writing. Someone said, ‘professional writers are amateurs who never gave up.’ I think that’s very true!

What do you do during your free time, how do you relax?

I hang out with my husband, son, and semi-insane golden retriever Ruby. And I plan new series. You can see them all at And please do stalk me on social media! All the information is listed below.

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