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Book Review: Song of Blood and Heart by Delaine Coppock

About Song of Blood and Heart by Delaine Coppock

Song of Blood and Heart


The thrilling final installment of the Queen’s Blood Saga!

Young Queen Asra of Na’eem, and her best friend Reem, have left behind their newly wedded loves, and all they know to seek out the villain, Castral, who destroyed their homeland, along with countless lives. They have agreed to accompany the leader of the mysterious, ancient Onyx Tribe, on a perilous route back to the island nation of Totha. Little do they realize that their destiny is about to shift forever and decades old secrets are revealed, war rages and love rises above all else. Asra will finally have to trust her heart, but will she learn to follow her true path in time to save those she loves?

Song of Blood and Heart Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I was compensated for my time reading the book and writing this review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and are based on my honest personal experience reading the book. Nor did the author in any way shape or form ever pressure me to give a positive review.

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As the final installment of the Queen’s Blood Saga, Song of Blood and Heart seamlessly picks up the narrative where its predecessor left off. The story begins amid the boundless Aphotic Sea, an eerily mysterious setting that symbolizes the uncertainty that looms over our protagonists, Queen Asra of Na’eem and her steadfast companion, Reem.

Having left behind their homeland, which was ravaged by the malevolent Castral, the two friends now find themselves on a perilous journey. They are accompanied by the enigmatic Onyx Tribe, led by Lord Eirik, whose guidance will take them to the enigmatic island nation of Totha. This is by far the most “adventurous book” of the entire series.

As we continue, it becomes clear that the central themes of the series – love, destiny, and the unyielding spirit of Asra – continue to evolve and shape the narrative. The specter of war looms larger than ever, and the bonds of love and friendship are tested in the face of unimaginable challenges.

Song of Blood and Heart promises to unravel decades-old secrets, plunge readers into the heart of a raging war, and explore the depths of love and sacrifice. Asra, our protagonist as queen, must now grapple with her own heart and destiny while racing against time to save the people she holds dear.

Speaking of our dear Asra, while it was initially disappointing that she didn’t end up with Lanaas, the story offers a sense of compromise as Asra and Fey choose to honor Lanaas by naming their son after him. I guess it’s the best I can get, better than nothing!

Unlike the previous two books of the series, where I felt like there was more focus on the development of romantic relationships, Song of Blood and Heart is the most plot-driven out of the three books. Here, we see the romance between Fey and Asra stabilize, allowing more focus on tying up loose ends in the plot and answering unanswered questions. I particularly appreciated this aspect because I often find that many authors tend to conclude the romance storyline as soon as the characters get together. This leaves little room to explore the dynamics and interactions of the couple as an official item.

It’s worth noting that this shift in focus from romance to adventure and plot in the final book of the series works exceptionally well. As I mentioned earlier, with the core relationship already established, the story can delve deeper into the adventure and plot elements, ensuring that loose ends are tied up and providing a satisfying conclusion to the series. Song of Blood and Heart therefore expertly balances these narrative elements, making for a fulfilling and captivating read.

Overall, Song of Blood and Heart had a nice and cute happy ending! It is a decent conclusion to a series that has already enchanted readers with its intricate world-building, compelling characters, and enjoyable romance.

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About the Author of Song of Blood and Heart

Delaine is an author in BC Canada. She holds an Honours degree from Stirling University in Scotland and a Master’s degree from Bournemouth University in England. Delaine is a talented video editor and animation artist who previously worked in computer gaming at Sony PlayStation before moving into publishing. Delaine writes Fantasy, YA and Romance. 

Delaine is represented by Literary Agent, Erik McManus, at Breakeven Books.

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