Character Driven V.S. Plot Driven

*insert an interesting-insightful-well-written paragraph here because I have no idea how to start this post and because I am a blogging failure* ******* So after that amazing introduction, you must be dying to know what is the difference between a character is driven and plot-driven story, right? (ahaha) A character-driven story is a story driven […]

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TV Shows V.S Books V.S Movies

I know that usually, books are compared to movies. Whenever you think about book adaptations, movies are usually the first choice. That’s not just because all the major, successful adaptions are movies, but because big screen is a bigger deal than small screen, it’s generally the first choice. But if movies are the bigger, better […]

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Villains V.S Heroes

What makes a hero? More importantly, what makes a villain? If the question is so easy to answer, then we would’ve never gotten those amazing villain-hero characters. This question also relates to how villains are created, and what makes a good villain. Since how a villain is created is vital to the creation of a […]

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Young Adult V.S New Adult

Young adult and New Adult are very similar genres that the borderline is always seemed blurred out. I myself had countless experiences where I had mistaken a YA to NA, or the other way around. To me, they’re all the same. They both have alternating perspectives. All genre occasionally have books that are with multi-perspectives, […]

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Dystopia V.S Science Fiction

I was doing my re-read of Angelfall by Susan Ee (for about the fiftieth time that week), and this idea suddenly just popped into my head. What is the difference between Dystopia and Science Fiction? It’s not the hardest topic, and the answer isn’t rocket science. But first off, here is the dictionary definition for […]

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High Fantasy V.S Low Fantasy

THE ULTIMATE QUESTION! High Fantasy or Low Fantasy? *Dramatic music playing in the background*. I’m going to be honest here: As a fantasy lover, I really read way more low fantasy books than high fantasy books. There are two reasons for that: Firstly, I love when the protagonist discovers who they are in low fantasies […]

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