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TV Shows V.S Books V.S Movies

I know that usually, books are compared to movies. Whenever you think about book adaptations, movies are usually the first choice. That’s not just because all the major, successful adaptions are movies, but because big screen is a bigger deal than small screen, it’s generally the first choice.

But if movies are the bigger, better choice, why am I dragging TV into this?


There is absolutely no doubt smalls screens are underrated. A successful TV Show can often top several of the biggest movies. So what is good, or better, for a book adaptation? Movie or books?


It makes sense that movies would require a larger budget, but on the other hand, TV does not have such fixated budget, and the chances of success are equal on both sides.

Longform Storytelling

The ultimate reason Game of Thrones is a TV show is because George R.R Martin rejected Hollywood’s request to make the book series into the movie because he believed movies are way too limited for the complicated world in his series.


A little bit specific? While when we think of TV nowadays, we don’t think of actual televisions anymore. Netflix is TV. Netflix success greatly evidenced the power, success and money TV can bring. Do not underestimate the small screen.

What do you guys think? Are you a more TV or movie kind of person? And which one would you prefer your favorite book to be adapted into, movie or TV?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.