Villains V.S Heroes

What makes a hero? More importantly, what makes a villain?

If the question is so easy to answer, then we would’ve never gotten those amazing villain-hero characters.

This question also relates to how villains are created, and what makes a good villain. Since how a villain is created is vital to the creation of a great villain.

The thing is, although fairy tales and simple stories have clear villain and heroes, sometimes the lines are blurred between the two. You can find yourself despising the heroes, while at the same time falling and rooting for the villain.

“Villains. You either hate them, or you want to be with them.”

And it’s not because we’re sick, human beings who like evil, heartless and cruel people, but actually because we see something deeper. We see why they’re who they are today, and how they became that way. Often thanks to their original good nature that was tarnished, we still get rare glimpses of kindness from them, and that truly touch my heart and just makes me love them even more. And feel compassionate toward them in general.

Another thing is…what makes villains so personal to me is because I know what society is really like. I know how villains are made, and most of them aren’t actually truly bad people.

Okay, this topic is actually starting to depress me.

Okay, forget that. What do you guys feel about villains? Do you have crushes on them like I do? Tell me in the comments below!

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