The Ultimate Book Blog Memes Master List


A complete list of book blog meme, blog hops, events and features for you to choose from and join!


Musing Mondays @ The Purple Booker. It’s a weekly meme that asks you to chooses either one of the usual prompt questions or the week random question.

It’s Monday, What are you Reading? @ Book Date. Share what you read last week, what you’re reading this week/present, and what you’re reading next.

Mailbox Monday @ Mailbox Monday. Share posts you recently received.

Book Mark Monday @ Guiltless Reading. Share your bookmarks and link it up the comment of the Monday’s post.

Monday Highlights @ Dual Reads. Link up your favorite post from last week.


Teaser Tuesdays @ The Purple Booker. Weekly Meme that wants you to add books to your TBR, or share what you are currently reading.

Top Ten Tuesday @ The Book and The Bookish. An original weekly meme that asks to make a list (doesn’t have to be top ten) of the weekly topic (like, top ten books you’ve read in 2017 so far).

Tell Me Something Tuesday @ Rainy Day Rambling. Answer the weekly question. Next week’s question is always given one week in advance in the previous week’s post.

First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros @ Bibliophile by the Sea. Share the first paragraph (or a few) of a book you’re reading or is thinking about reading soon

Reader Workouts @ Joy’s Book Blog. A Weekly event where we share workout stories, goals, successes and challenges.


Waiting on Wednesday @ Breaking the Spine. A weekly event that allows you to spotlight and show off your most anticipating books.

What Are You Reading Wednesday @ Taking on a World of Words. It’s a weekly meme that asks you to answer the 3 Ws every week (What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish reading?What do you think you’ll read next?)

TBR Jar Wednesday @ Drink Coffee and Read Books. It’s a little bit more complicated then the other memes and events. Basically a process that get you to finally finish off a book of your TBR list, and to interact with your viewers. It’s a monthly process that requires all 4 Wednesdays of the month.

Top 5 Wednesday @ Goodreads (managed by Lainey and Samantha). Pick your top 5 from the weekly topic.

Can’t Wait Wednesday @ Wishful Endings. Weekly meme that discuss anticipated upcoming books. Based on Waiting on Wednesday, basically the same.

Shelf Control @ Bookshelf Fantasies. A feature that celebrates the unread books on our shelves. Pick a book you have but haven’t read yet, and write a post about it (what it’s about, why you want to read it, why you got it, and when you got it)

Wondrous Words Wednesday @ Bermuda Onion. Share your new favorite word every Wednesday (ideally from a book)

Library Loot @ The Captive Reader & Silly Little Mischief. Weekly event that encourages bloggers to share the books they checked out from the library that week.

This Week in Books @ Lipsyy. Basically a combination of WWW, Stacking the Shelves and Waiting on Wednesday. Features what you’re reading now, then, and next. What you recently got/checked out and what you’re waiting on. What you recently added onto your TBR list or wish list.

Books That Caught My Eye @ Mailbox Monday. Event that asks you to share books that caught your eye that week.


Thursday Quotables @ Bookshef Fantasies. Share a favorite quote that you found from the book you’re reading that week.

Harry Potter Moment of the Week @ Uncorked Thoughts. For Harry Potter fans out there. Weekly meme with a different topic every week for you to post to (Harry Potter Related) with 1 freebie every month.

What’s Next? @ IceyBooks. If you are having trouble finding what to read next, make a post with 3-5 options for your readers to pick for you.

Thirsty Thursdays & Hunger Hearts @ (Un)Conventional Bookviews. Share a food or drink quote from the book you’re reading.

That’s What He Said Thursday @ Chapter Break. Post your favorite quote from from your book boyfriend to his heroine.

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts @ Bookishly Boisterous. Chat about things other than books. What you did last week, this weekend, what you’re going to do. Your feelings, events, whatever you want.

When I first Saw you @ Sailing Through Books. You share the first impression of a book in your own very made up synopsis.

Book Traveling Thursdays @ The Girl Who Reads Too Much. You pick a book related to the weekly theme that is announced in a Goodreads group at the beginning of each month. After that you can write a blog post where you explain why you choose that book and choose different covers from different countries. To make it a little bit easy you are going to choose different editions of the original cover, the cover from your country, your favorite cover, and your least favorite cover. (A little bit complicated, I know)

If & Then Thursday @ Young at Heart. Choose two books that are similar in theme, writing style, genre, etc.


Book Begging on Fridays @ Rose City Reader. Share the first sentence of the book you’re reading and share what you think about it and your impression on the book.

The Friday 56 @ Freda’s Voice. Grab any book, turn to page 56, find a sentence and post it. Also, try to warn if there are spoilers.

Book Blogger Hop @ Coffee Addicted Writer. This is a week-long blog hop with a discussion question. Get bloggers to have a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, befriend other bloggers, and receive new followers to your own blog.

First Lines Fridays @ Wandering Worlds. Pick a book, open to the first page and share a few lines of the book without spoilers and get the readers to guess what book it’s from. Then reveal the book in the same post.

Feature Follow Friday @ Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. It’s a weekly meme that has a writing prompt for you to answer on your own blog, and you then link it back up to their blog and follower other people’s posts. People will also follow you in return.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Fridays @ On Starships and Dragonwings. Link up your SciFic or Fantasy reviews no more than a week old, and you might win an Amazon gift card.


Stacking The Selves @ Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality. Share the books you just recently added to your TBR shelf/list.

Saturday Review of Books @ Semicolon: Link up your book reviews from the week.

Saturday Situation @ Pure Imagination Book Blog. Link up any posts or giveaways you want to promote that week.

Soundtrack Saturday @ The Hardcover Lover. Make a reading soundtrack to a book.

Shelf Candy Saturday @ A Night’s Dream of books. Showcase your most favorite beautiful book covers.

Series Saturday @ P.S I Love That Book. Share your favorite series.


Sundays In Bed With… @ Midnight Book Girl – Share what book you spent time curled up in bed (read in bed) with or wish to read that day.

The Sunday Post @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer – Link up your weekly wrap up post to Caffeinated Book Reviewer’s Sunday Post

Cover Characteristics @ Sugar & Snark – Each week there will be a ‘characteristic’ (e.g Face in the sky), and you’ll choose one to five of your favorite covers that go with this characteristic.


Monthly Wrap-Up @ Bookidote. Basically share a summary of your entire month’s work on your blog!

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5 Series When The Heroine Unexpectedly Falls For and Chooses The Second Guy


I (surprisingly) enjoyed books like this. I always find myself falling for the other guy, and I am always screaming when they actually end up together. It’s the best feeling in the world. The weird and interesting thing about books like this is you always sort of ‘feel’ it coming, but at the same time it’s unexpected. The author always seems to have a way to foreshadow it and make it so you’ll be happy about it in the end. Another reason I liked situations like this is because usually, the second guy had a more hate/love relationship with the heroine than the original romantic interest.

1. Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking

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One of the first series of this kind I’ve ever read. I think Amanda Hocking should receive more recognition for her writings and books. I unexpectedly was very happy with Wendy ending up with Loki instead of Finn, since Wendy and Finn had a hate/love relationship. If you are looking for a series where the girl first falls for the second guy who appeared later on in the series, this is perfect for you. And for those who really enjoyed Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses, you’ll find yourself loving Loki, because Loki is really similar to Rhysand. Both are a big arrogant with their ‘charms’ and is always teasing and flirting with the heroine. However, both heroes truly and deeply love the Protagonist, and has a ‘deep side’ that they tend to hide.

2. Unearthly Series by Cynthia Hand

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The second guy appeared sooner than the first series I suggested. However, I really liked how Tucker and Clara had a hate love relationship started first. And for those who greatly enjoy forbidden love, this is the series for you. Another thing that made this series unique is that for the first time, it’s the guy who realized that he had fell for an angel, instead of the other way around. However, this series would not be my first choice if I have to choose, because I think it’s a little bit too fast for me. I like it when they don’t end up for at least until two books, like the Trylle Trilogy and Young Elites series. The reason though that this series even made it to this list is that although brief, there really was a pretty good hate/love unexpected relationship going on in the first book. If only it lasted longer.

3. Young Elites Series by Marie Lu

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If you would die without an HEA then you will hate this series. Because this book had a severe case of bittersweet ending syndrome that made me just want to go ahead and strangle Marie Lu to death. And it’s not even the first time she did this – she pulled the same little stunt with the Legend series, and I really, really, really hated her for it. I have to say though, loved Magiano and Adelina here. The thing I loved most about heroine falling for the second guy is that the author somehow always has this amazing ability to make you wish that the guy ends up with the girl, and when they finally kiss, you’re just like – YES. This series is more similar to the Trylle trilogy, because Magiano like Loki, did not appear until the second book of the series (which, I emphasize, I love). One thing that I liked about Magiano is that he was reluctant to help Adelina at first, but then later grew to fall in love with her.

4. The Court of Throne and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas

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Although Rhysand appeared in the first book as well, why I really liked it is because Feyre didn’t officially ‘become a couple’ with him until middle/end of the second book. And if you still haven’t realized yet, I really don’t like it when the relationship escalates too fast. For those who love books where the guy (is a king/prince or in this case, high lord) has to keep up a ‘cool, cruel and collected’ mask, it’s the series for you. And then there’s the hate/love relationship.

5. Dragonian Series by Adrienne Woods

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This series does not have the exact scenario for when-the-girl-falls-for-the-second-guy, and can be listed because if we’re going to go strictly speaking, this series counts. But the main reason that I suggest this series because I really, really liked it. And it’s one of the series I am shocked from how much I love it. So basically we already meet the second guy (Blake) in the first book, but actually our protagonist, Elena, decided to date Lucien instead. But then he died in the second book, and we have a severe hate/love relationship in the third and fourth book, Frostbite and Moonbreeze. Either way, you have to give this series some time, because it really is good.

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5 Of The Best Hate-Love Relationships I Have Ever Read


Normally lists should usually be 10, but due to the lack of source material I have to reduce it to 6. Because shockingly, after all those books I’ve read, so far only these 6 can make it up to my list. However, it will definitely grow, since many popular series with hate love relationships I haven’t read yet, and I definitely heard great things about those series too.

1. The Black Mage Series by Rachel E. Carter

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Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Rachel E. Carter’s Black Mage Series. It’s. so. good. It has one of by far the best hate/love relationship I have every seen. It was perfectly timed, it has the right amount of ‘moments’ between Ryiah and Darren, and you just really feel the chemistry brewing between them PERFECTLY, not too cheesy and not too boring. The world building was perfect, we understand it perfectly without being overwhelmed, and it’s set in a magic academy the first three books. I probably re-read this series 3 times per month because I have really been having trouble finding a replacement for this. Only 2 other series can even come close compared to the hate/love relationship, and the story in general.

2. Penryn and the End of Days Series by Susan Ee

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Susan Ee’s Penryn and The End of Days series is one of the two series that can come close to The Black Mage Series in terms of Hate/Love relationship. You have no idea how happy I was to discover this series. I can across this about 5000 in my school library, and it took me about the period of 12 months to actually check it out. I never regretted it. The only part I’m really pissed about is where the hell is the author?! It’s like she disappeared out of thin air. She has no new books, no activity whatsoever. It’s like she quit. It’s so infuriating, like, I need more! Especially Raffe, I need more Raffe and his perspective!!!

3. Air Awakens Series by Elise Kova

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Air Awakens is one of my all time favorite series, so I was more tempted to put it on second. But since this list is majoring on hate/love relationship, I think Angelfall should go on top since Angelfall is more hate/love relationship, while this more prince/commoner love story. That’s because although Air Awakens has hate/love relationship, it mostly focused on Prince/Commoner forbidden love. However, that does not make Air Awakens any less good than Angelfall, in fact if not better. I absolutely love and adore Aldrik and Vhalla. Actually, fun fact, my kindle’s name is Andrick. Yeah. Now you know. I came across this series thanks to Amazon’s refused attempts to not shove this in my face. And for once, I am truly grateful. It’s also because of this series today I trust Amazon suggestions more then I should, since it’s living proof how Amazon is truly capable of finding me my next true love.

4. Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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My enjoyment toward this series was a huge surprise to myself (especially to myself). I remember it like it was yesterday. Like I woke up one day and it was suddenly everywhere. I turn right and wham there it is, smack in my face. While Amazon had shoved Air Awakens repeatedly in my face, Goodreads probably chucked it to my face for about 200 times too before I bought it. I tried the sample on my Kindle, but wasn’t confident enough to buy it, and it didn’t help that it seemed like another lousy written paranormal romance book filled with horrible plot-line, character development, and so forth. So it stayed on my TBR list for another 5 months while Goodreads continued to chuck it in my face, refusing to let me forget it. Finally one day something came over me, and I YouTube searched “Obsidian audiobook”. So I decided I will listen to the audiobook to determine whether or not I should buy this book. And the rest is history.

5. Under the Never Sky Series by Veronica Rossi

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I have mentioned it before, and I’m going to say it again. Under the Never Sky is actually one of my favorite dystopian series of all time, most mainly because of its hate/love relationship and its place in my heart for being of my first dystopian series ever. The main character, Aria and Perry are like hate-at-first-sight-enemies for who they are. Aria is a Dweller and Perry is a savage, and slowly we can start to see them starting to mend to become more friendly, which would later brew into love. And another thing that made the relationships so good is how everyone else in the world opposed their relationship (because they were supposed to be enemies), and how Perry through that in certain situations became really protective of Aria from his people who want to hurt her (which was really sweet and cute, just saying). However, actually putting this on my list is kind of pushing it. The true ones are the top four, and I just added this because I enjoyed the relationships and would like a top 5 instead of top 4 which would’ve been incomplete.

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9 Book to Movie (and TV Show) Adaptation Casting Choices That Were Absoultely on Point


1. Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson, The Percy Jackson Series

The movie was a piece of crap. Yeah. But if there’s one thing the director did right (and it’s probably the only thing that he did right), it’s casting Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson. If he wasn’t too old for the role he would’ve been perfect. If they only made the first movie 15 years earlier so that when they film the movie he’ll be at least 12-years-old looking. Such a shame.

2. Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase,The Percy Jackson Series

She can really work as Annabeth, but it took them a movie to figure out that she has blonde hair. And if it’s filmed 15 years earlier, her age would’ve been more accurate too. Same problem as Logan Lerman.

3. Shailene Woodley as Beatrice Prior, Divergent Trilogy

This is probably by the most accurate casting based on the description of the character from the book I have ever seen. In the book, it was described as ‘a long narrow face, blue eyes that are wide and round, and a long thin nose’. The only thing a little bit off is her eye color, which is green instead of blue.

3. The Entire Cast of The Lord of the Rings

Peter Jackson is my favorite director. And he’s one of the best, too. He alone had nine Oscar nominations, and 3 Oscar awards with the Lord of the Rings, The Return of The King. And his casting choices of the characters from J.R.R Tolkien’s word were also no doubt basically perfect. Need me to say more?

4. The Entire Cast of Twilight

The Twilight Saga is known for the terrible, weak, and dependent protagonist, and shallow romances and plot-line. The film was also no better. But the movie definitely made some cash, and there’s not doubt that the casting for the characters was extremely well done. Probably because the author herself Stephenie Meyer was also a producer of the franchise.

5. “The Golden Trio” of Harry Potter

It’s f**king Harry Potter. Seriously, do I even need to explain on this one.

6. Zoey Deutch as Rosemarie Hathway, Vampire Academy

Zoey Deutch has the exact spiky, strong, sassy, and deadly beauty the character of the series was so well known for. And we have to give it to the acting as well. Zoey is a very good actress.

7. Dylan O’Brian as Thomas, The Maze Runner

His acting skills really helped him to play the role well, but his general appearance and aura also really fit the character’s ‘feel’. However, it might be better if he’s a little bit young since the character in the book is about 16.

8. Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra Belacqua, The Golden Compass

At $180 million, this was one of Lionsgate’s most expensive projects ever madeThe movie adaption was a legendary disappointment. . But it only earned the totally of 70 million, resulting it with a canceled squeal. However, one thing everyone agreed on is the casting. The cast is full of big names – Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Ian McKellan, and Eva Green. And not only that, they all fit their roles and characters. And casting Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra Belacqua was absolute perfection. Her description, apparent, and everything just clicked with my personal image when I imagined the character.

9. Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen, Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why is literately likethe hip new thing’. Although the actress for Hannah is really pretty, she was a little bit too beautiful than I imagined in the book. However, Clay was exactly like how I imagined.

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Amazing Gifts For People Who Love Reading and Coffee


1. I Turn Coffee into Books Mug

2. Books and Coffee Sweater

3. Coffee Books Repeat Bag

4. Coffee, Read Books, Be Happy Spoon

5. Pretty Coffee Bookmark

6. Coffee Cup Magnetic Bookmark

7. Starbucks Ice Coffee Candle

8. Once Upon a Time, Books and Coffee Candles

9. Coffee, Books, and Rain Macbook Decal for Readers

10. Coffee, Books, and Rain iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus

11. Coffee Makes Everything Possible kindle Case

*Cough* I wouldn’t mind if my family sees this post since I would love theses gifts *Cough*

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Amazing Websites That Would Help You “Hack” Your Reading and Writing Life



This site helps you to find your next read. All you need to do is to type in the book you just finished reading, and it would help you find the next for you.


This site allows you to either write or read your own adventure. If you click ‘Read’ you can read for free stories written by others online, and if you click ‘write’ you can just simply go ahead and write your own adventure!

Project Alexandria

Project Alexandria is a site that helps you to find books similar to the book of your choosing. This site is great when you finished a book or series but still craves something similar to it.

Electric Lit

Similar to Dendrite, is a reading and writing friendly websites. But it has slightly more features in writings, as you can read for free writings such as essay, short stories and even books. Either way, a great and useful website.

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7 Reading Hacks All Bookworms Need To Know


There aren’t that many hacks out there for us book-lovers out there, and I really hope that you would enjoy this list of hacks, and hopefully this can simplify your reading life in the best ways possible.

1. Audio books aren’t as bad as it sounds

I wasn’t really opened to audio books as an option in the beginning too. When I first heard about audio-books, I absolutely refused to try it, because I fear it’ll ruin the character’s unique voice in my head forever. But now I can assure you, the pros definitely outweighed the cons. It’s extremely convenient when you want to give your sore eyes some rest, and lets you ‘read’ when you’re lying down, and when you’re not reading. Audio-books would also come in handy when you want to read and don’t have the spare hands. Nowdays, thanks to the different variety of technologies and companies, it’s easier and cheaper for you to download and get these audio-books. Amazon’s Whispersync allows you to sync your ebooks with the audio-book version so you don’t have to waste time looking for the place you left off in the audio-book, and you can download audio-books from places like Audible.

2. Free books everywhere

It may seem too good to be true, but (happily), it’s true. I know right? Something as good as this exists??!! Of course you can just google the book and if you’re lucky you can find PDF versions of it and download it to your devices, or read it online for free in websites such as 8novels, but it can be awfully inconvenient and harmful to your eyes in this case. But did you know there are websites such as Instafreebie which allows you to download mobi files for your kindles to download just by simply signing up for author newsletters. It’s amazing! What other joys are there for a reader than free books?

7. Project Gutenberg

If places like instafreebie is for you to find free new and modern books, sites like Project Gutenberg would be a place for you to download and get the classics for free. The have over 45,000 free classics book in formats such as pdf, epub, and mobi. And you don’t even need to create a account or register.

4. Always try bring a book with you whenever you go

No matter how amazing the feeling is when you sit down and read in a cozy environment, sometimes busy lives and schedules just don’t allow us to do that. There would always be a time of open though – whether you’re waiting in line, waiting for a meeting, or just waiting for a class to start. You can use those spare times for good use, and before you know it you’ll realize you’ve already finished a book.

5. Read alone

I can’t be the only one who does this, but…things can tend to become emotional when one reads. I had screamed, laugh, and sobbed, all which I would prefer not to be seen in public. People will give you a weird look. This ‘hack’ is probably more than a tip, learned from my own experiences, but wouldn’t hurt to keep in mind.

6. Double check the library doesn’t already have the book you’re planning to buy before you buy them

If you have to pay for your own books with your own allowances (like me), you do not want to experience the regret and anger when you realize the library have the book you waste your money buying. Of course, if you want to buy it because you want to keep it, go ahead. But if you don’t know if the book is good or not and don’t want to misuse your money, this ‘hack’ can actually be pretty useful to you.

7. Make a bookmark out of the collage of all your favorite things

I’ve had this idea for so long now, but I’ve never actually got to do it. Doesn’t make it a bad idea though. It would represent and unite all the stuff you love, so you don’t have to worry about losing your bookmark again. I love all my bookmarks, but it’s one of the things that you will lose and never find again. So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have just one bookmark that you love, rather than having 100 bookmarks that you also love but would lose. Websites that make Wordles can be a good idea too, since they can make beautiful pictures out of lists of things you love.


12 Fun Saturday Writing Prompts


Readers and writers are one. It wouldn’t hurt for readers to write once it a while. Here are some amazing prompts I found, inspired by, or came up by myself for you to enjoy. Some of these can be used as funny, entertaining short stories, while others I can actually see be turned into real novel stories. Let the writings begin!

1. You found a suicide note that’s yours. It’s your handwriting, something you would say, and it’s no doubt yours. The date is 3 days later. Apparently you’re in a time loop until you find a way to stop yourself from killing yourself. It’s not easy as it sounds, and you must defeat fate and death itself in order to win.

2. It seemed like a good idea yesterday

3. You’re a kid’s imagery friend. He’s growing up. You’re fading away.

4. Describe the Days of Week as if they’re people

5. You are a physiologist in a session with a patient. Halfway through you realize that it’s you from the future. You must use this session to restore future catastrophes, and safe yourself. It’s a story about facing your own fears and curing your own wounds.

6. The delivery guy collapsed in front of you at your door after he gave you a package. Before he went unconscious, with glassy eyes he said, “do not believe anything I say after I wake up”.

7. You found a glass globe in the middle of the snow. You shook it.

8. You can read minds, but whenever you read it you have to yell it out loud whatever they’re thinking

9. 50 years ago, a major city was quarantined, with a tall wall built around it and no traffic in or out. Every five years, a lone scientist is sent inside to study the city. Today, it is your turn. What do you find?

10. You were playing with your sandwich bread in the kitchen by drawing shapes with mustard and ketchup, and before you know it you’ve accidentally made the magical occult symbol and summoned the demon from hell in a Saturday morning.

11. You found a old piece of newspaper slipped into your locker. It has a section of missing children. You recognized yourself in one of the pictures.

12. Every-time you pickup a discarded penny, you have to experience the last five minutes of the person who dropped it

Some of these can make some amazing stories that I really want to read (especially number 9). If you have any other ideas you would like me to add, or stories you wrote from these prompts, please please PLEASE send them to me because I would love to read them. Feel free to send them to me on my twitter account ( or my facebook page ( And maybe if I have enough, I might even make a new collection of these short stories and post them on my blog, since I know others would love to read them as well.


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