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12 Fun Saturday Writing Prompts

Readers and writers are one. It wouldn’t hurt for readers to write once it a while. Here are some amazing prompts I found, inspired by, or came up by myself for you to enjoy. Some of these can be used as funny, entertaining short stories, while others I can actually see be turned into real novel stories. Let the writings begin!

1. You found a suicide note that’s yours. It’s your handwriting, something you would say, and it’s no doubt yours. The date is 3 days later. Apparently you’re in a time loop until you find a way to stop yourself from killing yourself. It’s not easy as it sounds, and you must defeat fate and death itself in order to win.

2. It seemed like a good idea yesterday

3. You’re a kid’s imagery friend. He’s growing up. You’re fading away.

4. Describe the Days of Week as if they’re people

5. You are a physiologist in a session with a patient. Halfway through you realize that it’s you from the future. You must use this session to restore future catastrophes, and safe yourself. It’s a story about facing your own fears and curing your own wounds.

6. The delivery guy collapsed in front of you at your door after he gave you a package. Before he went unconscious, with glassy eyes he said, “do not believe anything I say after I wake up”.

7. You found a glass globe in the middle of the snow. You shook it.

8. You can read minds, but whenever you read it you have to yell it out loud whatever they’re thinking

9. 50 years ago, a major city was quarantined, with a tall wall built around it and no traffic in or out. Every five years, a lone scientist is sent inside to study the city. Today, it is your turn. What do you find?

10. You were playing with your sandwich bread in the kitchen by drawing shapes with mustard and ketchup, and before you know it you’ve accidentally made the magical occult symbol and summoned the demon from hell in a Saturday morning.

11. You found a old piece of newspaper slipped into your locker. It has a section of missing children. You recognized yourself in one of the pictures.

12. Every-time you pickup a discarded penny, you have to experience the last five minutes of the person who dropped it

Some of these can make some amazing stories that I really want to read (especially number 9). If you have any other ideas you would like me to add, or stories you wrote from these prompts, please please PLEASE send them to me because I would love to read them. Feel free to send them to me on my twitter account ( or my facebook page ( And maybe if I have enough, I might even make a new collection of these short stories and post them on my blog, since I know others would love to read them as well.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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