12 Songs Perfect for Reading Playlist

These are just some of my go-to songs that always kind of reminded me of my favorite books and characters. It’s also because of that I think these songs would be pretty fitting for different readers and different books. I hope you’ll find your next go-to song here too.

1. Glow in The Dark by The Girl and The Dreamcaster


For some reason this song always reminded me of Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas. Like I swear every time after I listen to this song I have to go back and re-read the entire series. The slightly sad but inspirational, beautiful music might remind me specifically of Rhysand, but I believe it’ll help other readers remind them of their favorite characters as well.

2. Crying in The Club by Camila Cabello


Very similar to Glow in The Dark, the beautiful, pop, and kind of sad/inspirational tone makes this a perfect fit for a reading playlist.

3. i hate u, i love u


This song reminds me of the harsh and hard times my favorite ship couples have to go through before they get together. And the occasional pain they have to go through. And the lyrics itself is a really, really sad story. Just listening to it is enough to get me teary. Probably beside from We Have To Go (down on the list), the only other song that was really close to making me cry.

4. Angel On The Wing, Wonder Woman Soundtrack by Rupert Gregson


Wonder Woman’s soundtrack was one of the many things the movie was heavily praised for. And for a very good reason. The soundtrack is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, and fit the story perfectly. It greatly highlighted the ups and downs of the story line in the film, it’s just really great. Movie soundtracks in reading playlists are REALLY popular because often they have the most beautiful and inspirational songs that are without lyrics, which often helps the reader concentrate on whatever they’re reading.

5. To Be Human by Sia feat. Labrinth, Wonder Woman Soundtrack


Another Wonder Woman soundtrack. Just by looking at the name Sia you should already get why. Like, hell that woman’s voice itself is fricking inspirational.

6. Believer by Imagine Dragons


This song…is not exactly inspirational, but it’s definitely unique. In a good way too. Yeah I don’t know how to explain it, just listen.

7. We Have To Go, Transformers Soundtrack by Steve Jablonsky


I love Steve Jablonsky. That guy is one of the bests in the film soundtrack business. He was the person behind Ender’s Game’s music soundtrack(which was just amazing), and of course the Transformers films. Also, do I really need to explain this? It’s TRANSFORMERS. Good soundtrack is literally the only few things this franchise is ever good for. But it is one of my favorites on the album. It’s also the song for one of the trailers for Transformers, The Last Knight. And as usual: trailer’s amazing, film is what-the-actual-frick (wait, never mind trailer #2 was just horrible).

8. Way Down We Go by Kaleo


I. Love. This. Song. If you guys bothered ever to look at my ‘About Me’ page on my blog, you’ll know this is my favorite song. It’s saddening, beautiful, inspiring, and just plain AWESOME. Not to add on it was also the trailer music for one of Logan‘s trailers.

9. Castle by Halsey


This popular song by Halsey is unique, SO GOOD, and definitely gives the chilly willies.

10. Firestone by Kygo feat. Conrad Sewell


Whenever I listen to this song, I always imagine my favorite hero grieving over his heroine, like if she’s dying or something. Or when he’s rescuing her. And before you make fun of me for it, try listening to it and see what I mean.

11. Lights by Ellie Goulding


If I remembered right, this song alongside Beating Heart by the same author, appeared in the film Divergent. But I think I’m wrong…tell me if I am.

12. Beating Heart by Ellie Goulding


Definitely in Divergent, not coincidence it’s in a film adaptation of a dystopian YA series, you got to agree with me on this one.


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