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Book Review: The Pollutant Speaks by Alex Cochran

The Pollutant Speaks by Alex Cochran

Unveil the Cosmic Adventure of The Pollutant Speaks.

Dive into a mind-bending world where science fiction meets literary prowess in “The Pollutant Speaks.” This electrifying novel, set against the backdrop of humanity grappling with ecological and political turmoil, transports readers into a universe of untapped imagination and awakening.

A stagnating humanity is crushed onto seven small worlds, while the enigmatic union of alien life seems to set impossible goals to qualify for contact. When a discharged mental patient finds himself bankrupt, his only escape is to venture further into the cosmos than he ever dreamed. Do his inner demons hold the secret to peace with our stellar neighbours? Or will a fanatical leader and his cult return humanity to the dark ages?

The Pollutant Speaks delves deep into the consequences of human living conditions and the urgent need for change with questions of revolution and civil disorder. As AI and technology intertwine with our daily lives, the novel explores the ethics and implications of such integration. The book’s “demons” embody centuries of literature and poetry, binding us into a slipstream of reading. A vivid narrative entwines science, philosophy, and emotion to create a mesmerizing tale of self-discovery.

Immerse yourself in The Pollutant Speaks and experience a vision of our future that’s both haunting and hopeful. This stunning debut literary science fiction novel will leave you pondering the power of human choice and the transformative potential within us all.

The Pollutant Speaks Review

I was compensated with a small amount for my time and effort in reading the book and writing this review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and are based on my honest personal experience reading the book. Nor did the publisher in any way shape or form ever pressure me to give a positive review.

The Pollutant Speaks draws readers into an engrossing story against a backdrop of political and ecological turmoil. Constrained to seven small worlds, humanity struggles with social disintegration and stagnation. The protagonist of the story is Evans Ezra Evans, a bankrupt poet who is being pursued by the Cannots, a cult which sees Evans’ writings as a danger to their way of thinking. After being saved by his beloved Annie Bugatti, Evans takes advantage of a chance to get out of his horrible situation and applies to the esteemed Border Institute for Languages. He is here in an attempt to study Para, the complex language of the mysterious alien race known as the Paraunion, with whom mankind is frantically trying to make contact.

Among the Space Opera Science Fiction books I’ve recently reviewed, The Pollutant Speaks stands out as a masterwork at capturing the spirit of “Opera” in the genre. It is by far the best book I have read out of all the ones I have read. The protagonist, Evans Ezra Evans, a poet whose entire being imbues the story with a lyrical tone that reverberates throughout the reading experience, is a major component contributing to this distinction.

The novel’s ability to smoothly blend Evans’ artistic sensibility with his observations of the world around him is among its most compelling features. Evans, the main character, must not only negotiate the intricacies of his own mind but also the complicated fabric of the universe he lives in. What distinguishes The Pollutant Speaks is the way Evans frequently ponders and contemplates, turning his observations into poetic musings that happen at the moment. Every idea and observation is infused with a wealth of language and imagery as if the reader is given access to the inner workings of a poet’s mind.

This distinctive writing style definitely gives the story more depth and dimension by engrossing readers in a universe where prose and poetry blend together. It’s crucial to remember that not everyone will find this style approach appealing. The poetry in The Pollutant Speaks may be too much for anyone who doesn’t like poetry or who would rather read a story more directly and simply. However, the novel delivers a rich and satisfying reading experience unmatched by any other in the field of Space Opera Science Fiction for those prepared to lose themselves in its poetic style.

As I went further into the book and got to know Evan better, it became more evident how Evan Ezra Evans’s persona struck a deep chord with me. Being the main character, Evan’s larger-than-life presence and dramatic interactions with the outside world gave the story a depth and complexity that I found to be both intriguing and captivating. I was dragged into a world, through Evan’s eyes, where every victory and every loss seemed enlarged, every feeling heightened. His passionate search for meaning and purpose struck a deep chord with me and caused me to feel intense emotions that persisted long after I finished the book.

In addition to being a protagonist, Evan Ezra Evans was revealed to be a complex individual whose fervor and enthusiasm for life provided hope amid despair. He is a person deserving of respect and compassion because of his journey, which was not only one of survival but also of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Those are my thoughts. The Pollutant Speaks offers a captivating voyage through a cosmos on the verge of social unrest and ecological collapse. The story challenges readers to consider the perennial search for meaning and connection as well as the transformational power of human decision through its blend of poetic prose, complex characters, and thought-provoking subjects. The author skillfully examines the nexus between science fiction and literary brilliance through the eyes of protagonist Evan Ezra Evans, providing a compelling story that stays with the reader long beyond the last page. In addition to entertaining readers, The Pollutant Speaks asks them to reflect on the urgent problems of our day and the limitless possibilities of the human spirit.

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About the Author of The Pollutant Speaks

Alex Cochran is the pseudonym of Alex Weinle, a writer based in Cambridge, England. He authors short stories, graphic novels, and film scripts. His debut novel is THE POLLUTANT SPEAKS from Bee Orchid Press, with a forthcoming audiobook version.

His works often revolve around possible futures and immersing the reader in the people of those worlds to discover something about themselves. See what he’s up to on Instagram @alexcochran.

At various times, a physicist, a surfer, a code monkey and a journalist, Alex focuses on crafting and conceiving fiction with all the pain and joys involved. He has written screenplays for short films Insider (2018), CopyCats (2020) and McPherson’s Toys (2021) (see IMDB) and short fiction. Alex has an MA in Science Fiction to go with his near-mint-conditon-unused BSc in Astrophysics. He narrates for the Tales To Terrify and other podcasts.

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