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Book Review: Tomorrow’s End by G.R.Morris

Tomorrow’s End by G.R.Morris

Genres: Science Fiction, Fiction, Aliens

In a universe of aliens, demons, and omniscient computers, does free will exist?

Kevin Knight’s been training his whole life to fulfill a galaxy-saving prophecy. But when a grisly tragedy lands him in jail and demonic forces flood his consciousness, the fate of time and space seems doomed. Until a trench coat-wearing alien renegade shatters his understanding of reality.

Discovering Earth is merely an alien illusion to manipulate humankind, Kevin struggles to know whom to believe—his strange scaly new friend or the dark voices in his head. But with Hell itself planning to slaughter everyone, he must resist the darkness and master his powers to reprogram the future.

Can Kevin, a possessed Messiah, claim a destiny of his own before humanity goes extinct?
Which prophecy will Kevin fulfill… the one of darkness or the one of light?

Tomorrow’s End is the first book in the mind-bending sci-fi horror series, The Path of a Savior. If you like galactic-scale battles, chilling violence, and brain-rattling explorations of the nature of free will, then you’ll love G.R. Morris’s unforgettable epic.

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Tomorrow’s End Review

I was compensated with a small amount for my time and effort in reading the book and writing this review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and are based on my honest personal experience reading the book. Nor did the publisher in any way shape or form ever pressure me to give a positive review.

Tomorrow’s End explores a cosmos where the idea of free choice is questioned and is rife with aliens, demons, and mysterious machines. Kevin Knight is the protagonist of this surreal and epic science fiction horror book. He is a young man thrown into a world he never imagined. Kevin’s life takes a dark turn after a terrible tragedy lands him in jail and evil forces infiltrate his mind. Kevin has been trained since childhood to fulfill a prophecy intended to save the galaxy. We also follow Daren, a young changeling girl living in an abusive orphanage, who is introduced to us. Daren, who possesses incredible transformational powers, is the target of unimaginable evil, which sends her on a journey of self-awareness and empowerment.

Kevin must sort through competing voices in his head to determine who to believe—his enigmatic new alien ally or the menacing whispers pushing him in the direction of darkness—as he struggles with the realization that Earth is only an alien creation meant to control mankind. Kevin needs to awaken his dormant abilities and face his destiny head-on because the future of humanity is at stake and Hell is about to blow apart. Tomorrow’s End establishes the scene for an epic adventure involving cosmic combat, self-discovery, and the never-ending conflict between good and evil. In a galaxy where nothing is as it seems, Kevin and Daren must face their fates and battle for humanity’s future as they learn the truth about their existence.

With its world-building, character archetypes, and overarching plots, this book might at first seem to be treading familiar territory. It could seem to follow a well-trod road, from the traditional story of a hero trying to save the world to the age-old struggle against a malicious force. It does, in fact, have heroes that possess “special” talents, which is a common theme in many works of the genre. But it’s important to understand that genuine uniqueness in storytelling is hard to come by. Not often brand-new ideas are what make a work unique; sometimes, it’s the deft application and creative exploitation of well-worn clichés. The book absolutely shines in this area.

The book’s genius is not in creating novel ideas, but rather in navigating and using existing tropes to highlight the author’s unique style. The author uses the well-known components as building blocks to create a narrative that is both distinctively intriguing and interesting. A seemingly traditional framework is given new life by the author’s clever integration of well-known themes. Execution is what counts, and the author excels in this area. They turn what could have been a predictable story into an engrossing trip full of depth and surprises through deft storytelling and creative twists. Tomorrow’s End is an example of the author’s skill at crafting a work that transcends common clichés and is a monument to their competence.

Even though the characters in Tomorrow’s End have a lot of tropes embedded in them, they are remarkably real, which makes them interesting and empathetic. Even if at first glance they might seem to fit into well-known tropes, their actions and motivations are so thoughtfully and deeply thought out that they come across as real people. The authenticity of these characters is what makes them unique. Even with the story’s magical setting, their choices and responses are based on reason and feeling, which makes them both credible and motivational. As readers, we are engrossed in their stories of development and maturation, supporting them through hardship and triumph.

Furthermore, it is impossible to exaggerate these characters’ significance to the story. With their own advantages and disadvantages, each of them propels the narrative ahead and plays a vital part in its development. Their interactions and relationships enhance the reader’s experience by adding layers of depth to the story. The characters’ genuineness and nuance ultimately take Tomorrow’s End above the level of conventional tropes. Long after the last page is turned, the reader is left with a lasting impression of them despite their recognizable qualities.

In sum, despite referencing well-known tropes, Tomorrow’s End surpasses these expectations with its superb narrative and deep character development. G.R. Morris skillfully negotiates the genres of horror and science fiction to create a story that is both compelling and thought-provoking. Action, suspense, and philosophical investigation are all blended together in this novel, making it a must-read for aficionados of the genre. This book has an enduring effect by showing us that hope and atonement are possible even in the face of adversity with its creative twists and engaging characters.

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About the Author of Tomorrow’s End

Geoffrey Morris is a 10 time award-winning author. He has garnered much acclaim for his debut novel, Tomorrow’s End. He not only won a prestigious Dragonfly book award, but a Feathered quill and received multiple 5 star reviews from many websites. He was a philosopher and a graduate from seminary studies before taking writing courses in college.

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