Book Recommendations: Reverse Harem + Enemies to Lovers

“The Siren’s Curse” by A.C. Hawley

This book tells the story of a young woman who is stranded on an island with a group of enemy soldiers and must find a way to survive while navigating the growing romantic tension between her and her captors.

“The Queen’s Men” by Elise Kova

A young woman is kidnapped by a group of enemy soldiers in this fantasy novel, and she must use her wits and charm to turn her captors against each other and secure her escape. However, as she gets to know them, she finds herself falling in love with them.

“The Harem” by Careese Nicole

This fantasy novel is set in a world where women are scarce and valuable, and a powerful ruler has kidnapped several women from a neighbouring kingdom to join his harem. To survive and possibly turn their captors’ hearts and find their way back home, the women must band together and use their intelligence.

“Captive of the Harem King” by Holly Rayner

This novel is about a young woman who is kidnapped by a powerful harem king and must rely on her wit and charm to survive in his court. As she gets to know her captors, she falls for them and must navigate the harem’s tensions and politics in order to secure her place in it and find a way to escape.

“Harem of Shadows” by L.A. Cotton

A young woman awakens in the harem of powerful shadow warriors. She must use her intellect to navigate their perilous world, and she must eventually choose one of them as her mate. As she becomes more involved in the harem’s politics and the lives of her captors, she begins to wonder if escape is truly what she desires.

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