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ARC Review: When Evil Comes To Play by B.L. Brunnemer

When Evil Comes To Play

Author: B.L. Brunnemer

Series: The Veil Diaries #5

Genre: Paranormal, YA, Romance

Format: Audiobook

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My name is Alexis, though everyone calls me Lexie. I’m a Necromancer. I see the dead, talk to them, and help them move on. Well, I used to. Now, with the Veil closed, I’m the only way for a soul to cross over. It’s wearing me out, and according to my doctor, it’s going to killing me.

I don’t know how to tell the guys. I’m working on it, but there is so much going on right now; Isaac’s acting strange, Ethan’s worried that his brother isn’t eating or sleeping, Asher’s dad is back, and Tara is still snooping around my bedroom.

My symptoms are getting worse, and we’re running out of time. For everyone.


I received a free copy and an honest review.

PTSD continued to haunt us in this installment of the series. That is the true tragic aspect of traumatization – the fact that it may haunt you forever. They will become your closest companion whether you want it or not. The ugly truth regarding PTSD is that a lot of times, the question is not whether or not you can get rid of it, but whether or not you can continue your life normally despite its presence. We learned a lot about it through Lexie’s – and the guy’s – experiences, especially with how we see Lexie try to overcome this obstacle in this book.

This book is really where the “romance” aspect fo the harem (that we had all been patiently waiting for) really took off. The guys seriously started to realize and acknowledge their romantic feelings for Lexie, and in return, Lexie also started to realize how despite it being against her will, she is slowly falling for them as well.

This book, like the rest of the series, involves some real emotional-roller-coast-like stories and experiences that can be really stressful. This also means that these PTSD experiences, as well as some very ignorant characters regarding this area, could count as big trigger warnings to those who have experienced this in real life as well.

Well, even though our harem is not “official” yet, I’m really excited to see how ti would grow as the series continued. I’m really happy about how Brunnemer is totally taking her time with this – it’s extremely refreshing from all the other authors who are rushing their relationships. This series slow-burn harem probably what made me enjoy this and want to keep up with this series! I’ll be looking forward to book six.

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about the author

B.L.Brunnemer has been a devoted reader since she was young. As a child, she was instantly attracted to horror stories. The plot, the suspense, the action. She loved it all. Which, as she grew, branched out into several other genres. But a strong female character always caught her eye. Through the years romance became a big part of her reading. Then she found the Young Adult/New Adult genre. But she had a problem. She never found the romance between most characters to be realistic enough for her. At least in the paranormal romance section.

So, she decided to fix that. She’d been writing for years already and had always struggled to finish a manuscript. Until, she decided to write what she wanted to read.

B.L. Brunnemer doesn’t have any other publications at this time. She’s just a woman, who loves a good story with great characters. And she hopes you’ll love them too.

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