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ARC Review: Whispers from the Dead by B.L. Brunnemer

Whispers from the Dead

Author: B.L. Brunnemer

Series: The Veil Diaries #4

Genre: Paranormal, YA, romance, fantasy

Format: Audiobook

Pub. Date: October 27th 2017

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Hi, I’m Alexis Delaney. I’m your average 17-year-old girl. Except I can see the dead. And talk to the dead and help them move on. So… okay, I’m not your average 17-year-old girl. The Veil is still shut. Which means the dead can’t move on, not on their own. Through my Link to the Veil, I’ve been able to start helping souls to cross. The Veil is changing, healing. Like I am.

Since I came home from the hospital, I’ve been hiding behind my best friends. That’s about to change. I want my life back. I’m ready to get back to normal. Then Sophie, the twins’ little sister, tells me she’s ready to cross over. Ethan pulled her back, and now it was time to face it. I have to tell Ethan and Isaac their sister’s soul is in their house. What the hell am I going to say?

my review

I received a free copy for an honest review.

This book was surprisingly short in length, but it wasn’t too big of a problem because I had the sequel right at my hand, and it was refreshing especially how “lengthy” each book is in this series was. The story was also so much calmer when put in contrast with the previous book, where things definitely got too eventful with the terrifying stalker and kidnapping experience that Lexie had to go through.

Now, significant things that happened. Ethan and Issac ignored Lexie and the rest of the guys when they found out about the truth regarding Sophie. To be really honest, I never get why people would be so mad for things like this (I’m saying this because I personally wouldn’t). Lexie also got dragged down by a psycho ghost (thankfully not too much happened), but it did lead to Lexie and Zeke finally having a moment (so to all Lexie and Zeke shippers out there…congrats).

I think it was a great decision to have a “break” in this book, a chance of recovery for all the crap that the characters – especially Lexie – had to go through. The book feels very grounded because of how it focused on the recovery process from a very traumatic memory. In other words, in this book, we’re more focusing on how Lexie “recovers” than “grows”.

Would I call this book a filler? No. I just think that this book was less.traumatic and stressful to read, but that doesn’t make it useless to the series storyline. Anyway, I guess that’s all I really have to say about this book.



About the author

B.L.Brunnemer has been a devoted reader since she was young. As a child, she was instantly attracted to horror stories. The plot, the suspense, the action. She loved it all. Which, as she grew, branched out into several other genres. But a strong female character always caught her eye. Through the years romance became a big part of her reading. Then she found the Young Adult/New Adult genre. But she had a problem. She never found the romance between most characters to be realistic enough for her. At least in the paranormal romance section.

So, she decided to fix that. She’d been writing for years already and had always struggled to finish a manuscript. Until, she decided to write what she wanted to read.

B.L. Brunnemer doesn’t have any other publications at this time. She’s just a woman, who loves a good story with great characters. And she hopes you’ll love them too.

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