This Week Recap #29: A Very Productive Week

I am very, happy to say that this is a happy, pleasant, and most importantly, very productive week.

  • The Dragon Boat Festival
  • The Dragon Boat Festival is coming up tomorrow (Monday). In where I live, they have these “national” dragon boat competitions that we can go and watch. My company won first place in one of the mini groups/competitions, which means they’ll be able to make it to the next round of competition today, and if they win this one today, they can go to the finals on the festival, which is tomorrow
  • I finally started Magnus Chase.
  • For the longest time, I really, really wanted to start this series, because how can I call myself a legit Rick Riordan fan if I don’t read every single one of his books? But I never read it, because I really didn’t have time, until now. Summer just started, time is finally on my side again, so there is no way I’m passing this opportunity up.
  • By the way, so far, this book is far from a disappointment;)
  • On the other hands, Restore Me doing me the complete opposite
  • I’m going to really try and not talk about this book too much since these should all go in the official review instead. It’s really a shame because Shatter Me has been included in my list of favorite hate-love relationships, but at this point, it seems like this book can only be counted as a guilty pleasure instead of a legitimately good book.
  • Fan art?
  • Don’t laugh at me, but I’m also considering to start practicing/making fan-arts.

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