This Week Recap #25: I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO POST LAST WEEK, Creating Instagram?

I completely forgot to post the weekly recap post last week, I’m so sorry! So this week, I finally created Instagram, and I’m still really weary of it. I don’t want to be another person mentally controlled by social media, but I really cannot ignore the fact of how it could help my blog grow further. Not to add Pinterest doesn’t work on my blog well, because I’ve been having trouble linking my blog images to it. I’ll really appreciate if you guys can follow me, having only like, 10 followers is so embarrassing. Especially when no one comments and stuff, it feel so lonely and pathetic ?

Oh, and another thing. I am really thinking about changing my Weekly Recap Banner. It looks so ugly to me now :/

Here is my Instagram link:

This Week (and Last Week) On the Blog:

Next week on the blog:

  • My First State of the ARC Post! State of the ARC February | 2018
  • The Sunshine Blogger Award 2

movies watched this week:

  • Hidden Figures (2016)

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