Book Boyfriend Friday #2: Joshua a.k.a The Nemesis

Welcome to Book Boyfriend Friday! A weekly meme hosted here at The Reading Life every week to show everyone who the lucky boy of the week is ?. Everyone is welcome to join! As long as you link it back to my blog. Also, feel free to link up your weekly Book Boyfriend up too so everyone can have share and look at each other’s favorite boys.

Boyfriend (n.)

1) denoting an item of clothing for a woman or girl that is designed to be loose-fitting or slightly oversized.;

2) A person’s undoing (in clothing);

3) Joshua Templeman.


Seriously who can hate that guy ??

Thanks to Rachel’s suggestion, I finally read this book, which I actually had been on my radar for a while (I am aware how popular this book is) and never got to read. This was a little bit more hate than I would’ve liked and usually read, not to add on how I really don’t read office romance often. But this was so much fun. Enjoyable, laughable (I have never laughed so hard in my life) and just AMAZING. I also learned a lot too about publishing and general workplace in general.

I LOVE THIS BOOK. LOVE IT. I suggest ALL my readers who also enjoyed hate/love relationships to check it out right now. NOW! DO IT!

I’m going to be craving so much office romance after this book.

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