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Book Review: Dead Time by D.L Orton

Title: Dead Time

Author: D.L Orton

Series: Between Two Evils #3

Genre: Science fiction, time travel

Source: ARC, author, publisher


From award-winning author D. L. ORTON comes book three in the Between Two Evils series.

Shannon fights to stay alive inside a rogue biodome and discovers something totally unexpected… Peter.

Lani is forced into the role of the reluctant heroine but rediscovers her street-kid mojo and sets out to find everything she’s lost.

Diego receives another dirty sock (and a note) from the fireball express: The window between universes is closing. If Diego has any hope of getting back to Iz, he must get to the Magic Kingdom and fix the time machine before it’s too late.

What could possibly go wrong?


Holy shit my head is going to explode.

*What is going on…?*

I received a free copy for an honest review

First off, don’t try to skip a book in this series and pretend that you can just pick off right where’s it left off.

(lesson learned)

So let’s start off with the first book (because if I don’t summarize this entire series you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about too in my review anyway). Basically first there’s Deigo and Isabel who were in love but then separated because of a misunderstanding, and then they met again and got back together as second-chance lovers right (literally right at the actual moment) the world went downhill to shit. Then at the same time, an asteroid came in with a pink-fluffy-unicorn sock, a formula, and a note with Deigo’s name. And then it took them about 5 pages to realize that Deigo and Isabel are star-crossed lovers (literally) whose first failed relationship was the cause of universal destruction. At this point things were so complicated I found myself could care less for the romance (sorry no offense). Also shockingly this idea is not cheesy at all (the whole star-crossed lover thing). In fact, it’s pretty original and terrific. So they decided to send Deigo back twenty years to prevent them from breaking up basically to save the entire universe but a fricking idiot accidentally send him back to 20 years in the future instead of in the past, while Isabel will later be sent back 20 years in the past.

Yeah you think it’s already done being complicated.

So Deigo landed a longgggg way down (literally), resulting in a broken leg (this is already at book 2). There he met a young girl Shannon and her dearest mommy Lani. And if things still aren’t complicated enough, he landed at perfect timing the night the asteroid hit earth. Timeline update: to her it’s 20 years ago, to him it’s a few months back.

Oh and did I mention that Deigo is immune to the plague that wiped out like 99.99 percent of humanity too? And that he started to have a little complicating ‘thingie’ with our dearest Lani here, which (thank god) didn’t last long.

Now by this point my head has been banging on the table for 5 minutes.

Basically the end of book 2 equals to ‘let’s try to find the cure from honey Deigo’s golden blood’. Also Deigo was trying to find this place called Magic Mountain, because he wants to go back to his original time and wants them to try and find the cure with his blood then. But then there’s some sort of fuel problem due to weather issues (what, it’s an airplane now?) and of course that’s not possible. Then a group of really annoying misogynist religious pieces of shits came in just because the author feels like there are not enough things going down to shit, and kidnapped Shannon but let Madders and Deigo free (for some, god forsaken reason). Then poor Shannon was married off like the the ancient medieval times to the clan gang’s son, and Shannon is dick face Dave’s daughter. Yes the same Dave who originally married Isabel and then divorced and then Isabel got back together with Deigo, that Dave. And ends up he was married before too to Lani, and now there’s the possibility of her and Deigo…

My head is officially bleeding now on the table while I continue banging on it.

Back to Isabel. She time traveled back 20 years in the past successfully, so now the whole saving-relationship-and-universe thing officially rested on her shoulders.

Wait, did Deigo and her meet again in that timeline?

My brain is leaking out of my cracked skull right now. Still banging.

Yeah, I think I missed something though.

Oh then there’s Shannon who met another guy named Peter, and a dirty sock with a note that said: “The window between universes is closing”.

Yeah, the book is totally not stressful enough.

Oh. My. God.

What could possibly go wrong?

I am never reading a time traveling book again.

Overall this is a really good book that I swear D.L Orton must be some sort of secret-government genius in order to pull off (I’m totally serious. That woman needs to make her IQ public).

Also I think I made my brain gain 10 IQ points so I can write this review and understand this book in general.

My summary reaction to the book, it’s amazing, but seriously, if I have heart problems I’ll seriously die of cardiac arrest while reading a book in this series.

I will still be looking forward to the next installment though (I feel like I will regret saying that).

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