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Interview With Author D.L Orton

1. What is your favorite writing and reading genre?

Oh, that’s an easy one : I love to read edgy, action-packed, darkly comedic, dystopian love stories that contain finicky new technology, mysterious artifacts, and clever animals (and I like a little sex, a little swearing, and a little mayhem, but no vampires and absolutely no ditzes!)

2. Where and how did you get your idea for your books?

I met and fell in love with the man I’m married to when we were twenty-eight, and one of the first trips we took together was to attend the wedding of his best buddy from college. At the reception, I ended up seated next to my husband’s ex-girlfriend (!), but we hit if off, and ended up chatting and comparing notes on him (you should have seen his face when he realized what we were talking about.) At the end of the evening, she said something that stuck with me: I wish I would have met him at a different time in my life.

It was a very poignant moment for me: How would my life be different if she had held onto him? And if I had met him earlier, would I have let him go and been the one to leave alone?

I don’t know the answers to those questions, but the possibilities began to fill my head, and a time travel book was born.

If a movie or TV show would be created for your books, which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead roles for your books?

Emma Watson (Smart, sassy, determined. Does not take “no” for an answer!)

Diego: Enrique Iglesias (Just listen to him sing. What else do you need to know?)

Matt: Djimon Hounsou (Smart, quick, commands attention, plays well with others.)

When did you decide to become a writer?

I don’t know if anyone actually decides to become a writer , perhaps they decide to become a published writer? I think humans have always been storytellers and sharing diverse experiences brings people together and makes them better—more understanding and tolerant—human beings.

How did you get your book published? How long did it take for you

to get it published?

I started out on the traditional publishing pathway: I wrote a book and tried to get a literary agent interested. Then I rewrote the book and tried again. After taking years to write the book, it was a bit disheartening to spend even more time and effort trying to get it published. Then I found an agent, and I thought my worries were over. My agent spent six months trying to sell my book to a publisher (and got back lots of glowing responses, but no one was willing to take a chance on an unknown author with a cross-genre book.)

When it became clear that no traditional NY publisher was interested, I set out to find a independent publisher, and got three different offers. But those publishers wanted me to rewrite the ending of the book and make the story fit better into a single genre. I didn’t want to do that, so I began my self-publishing (or Indie Publishing as it’s called now) journey. There were lots of potholes, mud puddles, and rock slides blocking the road, but I managed to get though them and have my book professionally edited, proofread, cover-designed, and published (and I’m about to publish my fourth book ).

When I find a reader who loves my books and really connects with the characters and story, it makes all the hard work worth it!

Do you ever get writer’s Block? If so, which book did you get the worst while writing?

When I was in college, a writing professor offered me this very useful tip: Always stop writing in the middle of a passionate, exciting or otherwise compelling scene. That way, you will always want to get back to the story. It works pretty well!

What is the average time for you to write a book?

Book 1: 9 years

Book 2: 2 years

Book 3: 9 months (Coming out in March 2017

Book 4: I’m hoping to do it in 6 months. (Hoping to have it out in October 2017!)

(I hope that means I’m getting better at writing and publishing!)

For your own reading, do you prefer kindle or paperback books?

I love reading in the kindle app on my iPad. With ebooks, I always have more books with me, it’s easy (and free!) to preview new books, and I don’t have to worry about cutting down trees to support my reading habit!

How are the covers made for your books?

I have a professional cover designer who I pay to make covers for me. She came up with the shell motif in the word “Time” on the covers and came up with some emotionally compelling images too. Visit my book series website ( to get her contact info (and my editor, proofreaders, audiobook producers, etc).

What advice would you give writer wannabes and future/young authors?

The difference between successful writers and everyone else is that the successful writers refused to give up.

What do you do during your free time, how do you relax?

I like to play the piano, compete a bit on the tennis court, and spend time with my family. Sometimes I even manage to do all three in the same week!

Below are information and links to her books, and other links for you to reach out to her. She is a really nice person, and looking at all the reviews and samples from her books, a very talented writer and an excellent author as well. I suggest you all to check out her books!

DL Orton is an awarded winning author majored in the science-fiction and cross-genre genres.

Awards and Editorial Reviews:

Publishers Weekly “BookLife Prize in Fiction” Quarter-Finalist

Book Excellence Award Winner, Science Fiction

Readers’ Favorite Book Award Winner, Audiobook Fiction

SWIRL Awards Finalist, Science Fiction

Indie Excellence Book Award Winner, Cross-Genre Fiction

USA Best Book Award Finalist, Cross-Genre Fiction

International Book Award Finalist, Cross-Genre Fiction

Colorado Gold Award Winner, Science Fiction

Novel Beginnings Award Winner, Science Fiction

Publishers Weekly ⭐️ Starred Review ~ “Engaging, Funny, Romantic, and Harrowing”

Midwest Book Review Featured Pick ~ “Well-Written and Deftly Crafted”

Publishers Weekly “Great Indie Stars of 2015” ~ “The Best of the Best”

Social Accounts:

Between Two Evil Series:

Here is a link to the preview of the first book, Crossing in Time, and the link to get it on Amazon:



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.