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Authors and Publishers, Please take a look at my below criteria before consider contacting me for a book review request. 

Please in your review request include how you found my blog (a.k.a blogger platforms, google, etc).

Reviews Formats I would Accept:

I can’t accept Epubs, because there are some technical difficulties when it is used on my kindle. And please send Mobi files if you can, since PDFs are really inconvenient for me to read.

I am generally very open to all genres, but here are some more specific information on genres I’m more favorable towards and more:

Genres I Would Review:

This is a blog that is opened to all kinds of literature, but mainly focuses on  YA and NA.  I only occasionally take Adult books.  Below are the YA and NA genres I usually tend to favor upon, but not the only ones I will accept because I’m really opened to all genres.   

The Genres I listed in this list below would be the ones I would no longer accept. I have tried them before and is genuinely not interested in them:

If your book has the following tropes, please explicitly tell me in your message. I love these tropes so much, so if your books have the following tropes the chances of me accepting them would be drastically higher:

I do accept indie and self-published books as long as the genre is in the category that I would accept. However, there is no guarantee that I would accept it since I often have to choose from a lot of books. But please feel free to email me anyway, because if I cannot write a review for the book I’ll still be more than willing to do a free book spotlight/promotion. 

Also, I would very much appreciate it if your review request can include a quick info on how you found my blog, and please remember to include a Goodreads or Amazon link for book along with your book description.

About My Reviews:

Other Services:

I am currently opened to review requests

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