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Book Review: Republic Falling: Advent of a New Dawn by Michael J. Brooks

Republic Falling: Advent of a New Dawn by Michael J. Brooks

In the first book of this adult science-fiction thriller, a civil war erupts within humanity’s intergalactic republic, and a young soldier, alongside his lover, seeks revenge on the man who murdered his mother and joined the insurrectionists, his own father.

What happens to your psychological state if you’re Linked (joined in mental communion) with your mother as she’s atomized from existence? Not too many people get to find out. Randal Scott is one of the unfortunate few, and he wouldn’t wish that hell upon anyone. Who would?

Randy enlists into the Commonwealth Defense Force (CDF) to deliver retribution to the man who killed his mother and mentally scarred him for life, his father, Arson Scott. After establishing a wonderful life for his family and nurturing his son into manhood, Arson mysteriously joined the insurgency that threatens to collapse humanity’s intergalactic republic and partook in his wife’s murder.

Now Randy proceeds with deployment to Colony Four, where his father operates his insurgent faction. Alongside his lover and comrade, whom he shares a Link with, Stacie Spencer, Randy forges ahead with his quest to enact revenge. However, the path to vengeance is not a straightforward one for Randy. He becomes entangled in a web of violent conflict, lies, and conspiracies that have him questioning both of the combat forces in opposition, the CDF and the insurgency known as the Coalition of Rebel Factions.

This character-driven science-fiction war story explores themes of rebellion, ethics and morality, classism, and revolution. It will appeal to fans of W.C. Bauers, William C. Dietz, David Weber, Nicholas Sansbury Smith, or simply readers looking for thought-provoking fiction that is rife with action and adventure!

Republic Falling: Advent of a New Dawn Review

I was compensated with a small amount for my time and effort in reading the book and writing this review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and are based on my honest personal experience reading the book. Nor did the publisher in any way shape or form ever pressure me to give a positive review.

Republic Falling: Advent of a New Dawn explores the intricacies of a civil war breaking out within humanity’s cosmic republic. We follow Randal Scott, a teenage soldier seeking retribution from his father Arson Scott, who killed his mother and joined the rebels. Randal decides to take revenge by joining the Commonwealth Defence Force (CDF) and facing the man who left him permanently scarred. Accompanied by his partner and ally, Stacie Spencer, Randal manoeuvres through a turbulent route towards retribution as they advance to Colony Four, the epicentre of the rebellion.

But along the way, they have to survive through plenty of moral quandaries, violent skirmishes, and plots that make it difficult to distinguish between good and wrong. Amidst a backdrop of revolt, ethics, and revolution, Randal and Stacie are forced to consider their allegiances and ideals as they face the realities of battle. With its provocative themes and gripping story, Republic Falling provides an engrossing investigation of human nature’s darkest tendencies and the quest for justice on a planet ravaged by conflict.

I will start off with the positive, and I was thoroughly impressed by the author’s dedication to infusing scientific authenticity into this book. The narrative is reinforced at every turn by a plethora of scientific knowledge that is effectively interwoven into the framework. Through rigorous world-building and story design, Brooks brings scientific concepts to life, providing readers with a thought-provoking investigation of the convergence of science and fiction. For fans of hard science fiction looking for a gripping and intellectually interesting read, this book takes them on an immersive trip through the wonders of science.

While I like the science fiction and plot-heavy portions of the novel, as a romance reader, the romantic side fell short for me. It did not seem to receive the attention it deserved, especially given the plot’s sturdiness and the initial expectations that I had as a heavy romance reader. In contrast to some novels that successfully incorporate romance into the plot via well-paced relationship development and expertly scripted interactions, this one appeared to fall short. There is already a lack of romance-related content, but I feel like the issue was aggravated by the lack of romantic development throughout the story as well. By that I mean there appeared to be a gap between the plot’s advancement and the depth of the romantic bond, leaving the romantic subplot feeling underdeveloped and overshadowed by other aspects of the story. I feel like this is not well-balanced and is one of the book’s greatest weaknesses.

Furthermore, the main source of my disappointment is the discrepancy between what I had anticipated and what the book actually included. Although the book never stated clearly that romance would take centre stage, I knew that romance was there in the story so I had an expectation that even if it’s only a sub-plot, it would be there enough to satisfy my expectations. In other words, the romance even if lacking screen time in comparison to the world-building and narrative, would still be satisfying to read, cohesive, and purposeful in its relationship developed. Not only did it lack quite a bit of screen time, but any screen time present was not very effective in actually fostering the romance itself, and is overall just not as much as I had imagined, nor did it live up to my expectations. I was therefore disappointed by the discrepancy between my expectations and the novel’s true depiction of romance. It’s more a matter of my expectations not matching up with the actual focus of the plot than a flaw of the book per se.

That being said, this book is perfect for you if you enjoy more character-driven storylines, complex plots, and a lot of scientific exploration in your science fiction. Its intricate character development, intricate narratives, and convincing incorporation of scientific ideas are what give it depth. This novel might not fully live up to your expectations, though, if you’re looking for a more romance-centric plot with traditional character interactions and a plot and romance that are balanced. Therefore this book will appeal more to readers who are interested in complex storylines and scientific research than in conventional romance stories, so it’s important to approach it with an understanding of its advantages and main themes.

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About the Author of Republic Falling: Advent of a New Dawn

Michael J. Brooks holds a BA in Art and an MFA. Exploration of social issues, unpredictable plot twists, and vivid action and adventure are the crux of his adult science-fiction novels. He is a fan of the works of W.C. Bauers, William C. Dietz, N.E. Davenport, Larry Correia, Django Wexler, Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Richard Baker, and others. Dedicated to being the best wordsmith possible, his goal is to deliver absolute quality and a fun, well-written adventure. When not writing, he enjoys reading comic books, watching Netflix, and reading sci-fi and fantasy books.

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