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Book Review: Gods of Sound: The Perilous Path of Cameron Foster by Q.M. Schaffer

Gods of Sound: The Perilous Path of Cameron Foster by Q.M. Schaffer

Cameron Foster is consistently bullied at school for appearing different. With few friends and fewer hopes, he finds solace in his battered guitar. He is as skilled with it as Harry Potter is with a wand. Into his life enters a mysterious woman in her late twenties, clad in black leather like a reincarnated Joan Jett.

She observes him and soon rocks his world. But tragedy strikes and he winds up under the influence of a strange and reclusive billionaire.

Has he landed in a deadly secret cult? He struggles to find out before it’s too late.

Gods of Sound: The Perilous Path of Cameron Foster Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I was compensated with a small amount for my time and effort in reading the book and writing this review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and are based on my honest personal experience reading the book. Nor did the publisher in any way shape or form ever pressure me to give a positive review.

Q.M. Schaffer’s Gods of Sound follows the turbulent life of a young child, who struggles with emotional detachment from his mother and bullying at school. Cameron, who finds comfort in his guitar, has an unexpected turn in life when he meets a strange woman who reminds him of Joan Jett and introduces him to a life-changing musical adventure. But then disaster hits, and Cameron finds himself influenced by a reclusive billionaire, which sparks rumours that he may be a part of a dangerous and covert cult. Before it’s too late, Cameron needs to solve the puzzle of a labyrinth of mystery. The book looks at issues like resiliency, self-discovery, and the ability of music to change people when faced with hardship.

As the title suggests, music plays a major role in Gods of Sound‘s central theme. The story weaves a rich tapestry of musical influence through many allusions to American guitar music, well-known artists, and particular songs. Even though I’m not very knowledgeable about this particular genre of music, I could see how the writers skillfully incorporated subtleties and details into the story that would have had a greater impact on readers who are familiar with American music history. This book provides a rare chance for fans of American music to explore the subtleties and complexities of a musical landscape that is essential to the protagonist’s journey and the overall mood of the narrative.

The literary style, in my opinion, feels more toward the older middle-grade range than the young adult range, which it was originally intended to be. In particular, the speech style felt a bit over the top. It seems as though the author was trying a bit too hard to give the dialogue a “young” and modern feel. For lack of better terms to describe what that’s like without giving explicit dialogue examples, the lines read a bit like text messages than actual dialogue. I believe for me this attempt to sound younger is why it went a bit overboard and feels more geared towards middle grades than young adults when reading.

With that being said, the thematic exploration of Cameron’s growth and development is one of the stronger attributes in the entire book. This self-discovery journey definitely deepens the story and successfully captures the modern coming-of-age themes. But due to this, the urban fantasy element seems to fade into the background and occasionally seems a little out of place. The supernatural aspects are somewhat overshadowed by the character’s remarkable personal development, which makes the urban fantasy aspect appear less woven into the main story. It seems like the plot might have worked just as well as a modern slice-of-life book, which makes one wonder how much the urban fantasy aspects actually add to the story.

I also appreciate Gods of Sound for its well-organized narrative structure. The story unfolds with a sense of clarity and coherence, allowing the plot to progress seamlessly from beginning to end. This meticulous organization ensures that the reader is never left feeling confused or disoriented, contributing to a smooth and enjoyable reading experience. The author’s ability to maintain a consistent flow in the storyline adds to the overall engagement, allowing readers to easily follow the plot’s development and appreciate the various elements of the narrative without feeling overwhelmed by a sense of disorder.

Gods of Sound traverses a narrative landscape that blends aspects of urban fantasy with the hardships of a young musician. The protagonist’s apprenticeship serves as a particularly effective means of illustrating the story’s themes of growth and development. But readers may find the writing style, which is characterized by somewhat overdone dialogue, divisive.

Although the use of American guitar music adds a unique touch, its niche appeal may present difficulties for readers who are not as knowledgeable about the subject. But likewise, those who are familiar or interested should get immense enjoyment from that aspect. Therefore with all that being said, though this book may not be too fitting for my own reading preferences, do check it out if any of the things I mentioned interest you!

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About the Author of Gods of Sound: The Perilous Path of Cameron Foster

Motivated by his disdain for bullies and bureaucrats and his love of the underdog, QM Schaffer came up with the story for GODS OF SOUND,  A journalism major at the uiversity of Southern California, Schaffer had a long career at HBO, overseeing publicity for such shows as Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Girls, Euphoria, The Wire and Big Little Lies.  There, he witnessed master storytelling at its best.  Since leaving HBO, Schaffer has been writing fulltime and currently resides in northern Florida.

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