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ARC Book Review: The Genesis 6 Project by Michael Ferguson

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About The Genesis 6 Project by Michael Ferguson

A middle-of-the-night arrival by unmarked helicopters with secret cargo from the Middle East places the facility on high alert. When the unspeakable happens and the mysterious Subject Alpha escapes with Dr. Kathryn Ryan as a hostage, the military is forced to work with Indian Affairs agent Frank Ironhorse Whitman and his team to track the dangerous creature through Crow territory.
Archaeological evidence suggests their adversary is an aged old enemy of the Crow people, with a link to the infamous fallen Watchers described in the book of Genesis.
While the hunt ensues, multiple groups battle for final control of the biblical Nephilim and the potential for super soldier applications.
Ironhorse and his team face a final showdown after the military is thwarted, to try and stop the carnage. What if the creature escapes to the highlands in its quest to bring his kind back for the end of times? Who is the mysterious outside group involved? So much is hanging in the balance with their final confrontation!

The Genesis 6 Project Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I was compensated by the author for writing this review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and are based on my honest personal experience reading the book. Nor did the author in any way shape or form ever pressure me to give a positive review.

The Genesis 6 Project is the author Michael Ferguson’s debut novel, so I am more lenient in the review. I think for his debut novel this is an okay book that is fairly decent! Although this genre is not what I usually read, I found it pretty cool and creative how he combined military action with biblical mythology.

The story starts with the beginning of a middle-of-the-night arrival mission, setting the stage for a high-stakes chase involving unmarked helicopters, secret cargo from the Middle East, and a creature of ancient origin. As the plot unfolds, the military’s attempt to harness the creature’s DNA for super soldier purposes is foiled when Subject Alpha, a Nephilim from the time of Noah, escapes and heads toward the Crow Nation reservation, unleashing chaos.

The premise of the story is definitely one of its most vital points. The infusion of mythological inspiration, especially from biblical sources is very intriguing even to someone like me (not usually interested in military stories or biblical mythology). Because this incorporation creates a unique blend, offering a fresh perspective that sets this book apart within the genre. Though because of this some of the references did fly over my head occasionally, and I had to go the extra mile to Google some of them.

It wasn’t an issue for me because if anything, I felt like this book made me learn more about a topic I don’t know about, which is fantastic. Isn’t that one of the biggest benefits of reading after all?

Ferguson’s storytelling ability shines through, especially in crafting a plot that seamlessly integrates the supernatural and military aspects. However, the book’s execution does have some rough edges. Using multiple points of view (POVs) proves somewhat jarring, causing occasional disorientation and making it challenging to maintain a steady narrative flow. This aspect may take some readers out of the immersive experience, interrupting the engagement with the story’s unfolding events.

So yeah! Michael Ferguson’s The Genesis 6 Project is a decent debut that embraces a unique blend of military action and biblical mythology. While the jarring shifts in points of view and the intricate mythological references may detract from the overall experience, the novel’s creative premise and engaging plot manage to keep readers intrigued until the very end. With room for growth, Ferguson’s debut presents a promising foundation for future endeavours.

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About the Author of The Genesis 6 Project

Michael Ferguson has always had an interest in science fiction, including the supernatural. After reading hundreds of great novels, he decided to put his own ideas to paper He wanted to blend events from the Bible with military science and a recent tale from Afghanistan. He and his wife enjoy traveling in their spare time, listening to classical jazz and looking forward to reviews of his first book.

More information and contact is available at

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