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Exciting ARC Book Review: City at My Feet by Thomas More

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About City at My Feet by Thomas More

If you are looking for a captivating novel with an amazing heroine and which includes parallel universes, mythology, and time travel all in one, then look no further than City At My Feet , Book 1 of the Mannahatta Series.

From the very start of the novel (the “ordinary life” phase, if you are a fan of the hero’s journey) we are introduced to an alternative and futuristic culture, a culture that still honors its past as well as its present. The land is an alternate version of Manhattan wherein the Europeans had never arrived.

We meet Sakima (suh-KEE-muh) , a young woman intent on being a warrior and we learn about her dreams. She is a character you’ll love and root for as she battles against impossible odds. Soon after, her dreams are put to the test as she uses a portal to go to current-day New York City to save her younger sister who had been kidnapped by a gigantic and hideous mythological monster called Yakwahe (yuh-KWAH-hay) . We also meet her sympathetic parents, family, and friends, each who play a key part in this story’s plot.

Sakima’s adventure gets her nearly destroyed many times in many places in the multiverse (called the Many Worlds in her culture) as she fights this monster as well as human monsters; gains friends; and discovers her own strengths and weaknesses.

This is a great, page-turning read, the first in a series (the second book comes out in the Fall of 2023). Read City At My Feet for a fun, shocking, and satisfying story. Highly recommended and look for more soon from this aspiring new author, Tom More!

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City at My Feet Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I received a free copy for an honest review.

City At My Feet by Thomas More is a decently unique sci-fi novel that has indigenous representation with parallel universes, mythology, and time travel. The fusion of these elements is a refreshing and unique take, drawing readers into an imaginative narrative rarely explored in literature. Especially the indigenous representation, there were so many terms I did not understand I had to Google them. it’s definitely not a book with superficial representation and if you hadn’t had a lot of exposure to indigenous cultures like me, you’ll manage to learn a lot just from reading the book.

This story is a strong-female character adventure story. Our heroine is Sakima, a determined and courageous girl who takes center stage as she embarks on an adventure that traverses different dimensions. The author’s effort to showcase character development is evident in Sakima’s evolving dialogue tone, creating a natural progression that avoids the pitfall of forced exposition.

Sometimes the dialogues has a lot of expedition to them, which can make it seem a bit unnatural. Though this may depend on your own reading preferences and what type of writing style you’re used to reading. It wasn’t bad enough to ruin the book by any means though, just something to note and can be improved on (my humble opinion, take it with a grain of salt, people can vary).

But like what the other reviewers also said, the world-building was pretty cool. I love the incorporation between indigenous culture and the parallel version of America. And not just a modern North American adaptation at that, but a new creative sci-fi twist to it. Definitely one of the stronger aspects of the book.

And how can I not mention the cover? I think the cover is good! While I acknowledge that romance isn’t a central theme in this book, there’s an audience within the YA and NA realm that appreciates non-romance-focused stories. With this in mind, coupled with its availability on KU, I’d strongly recommend considering investing in an even more polished cover to draw in more readers on KU.

To optimize its appeal, I suggest the author look into prominent covers in the YA/NA adventure fantasy/sci-fi genre that star strong female heroine, particularly those highlighting diverse representation and POC heroines. The fact that City At My Feet is available on Kindle Unlimited taps into a vast pool of potential readers, making it an opportunity worth capitalizing on.

Overall, City At My Feet stands as a testament to the author’s creativity and commitment to weaving a narrative that’s both entertaining and thought-provoking. If the synopsis seems interesting to you, I do recommend you to check it out because there are not a lot of books like this. the combination of these different tropes and aspects (sci-fi, parallel universe, indigenous) is not common at all (especially if you are in a reading slump, then it’ll be a good time to try something new). It’s available on Kindle Unlimited too, so if you have the subscription already it won’t hurt to try it out!

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About the Author of City at My Feet

Thomas More holds an advanced degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. Although college-educated in the art, craft, and labor of writing novels, he is self-taught when it comes to science fiction and its associated tropes, its readers, and the best of its writers. His favorite pastime is going for long motorcycle rides on city streets, country roads, and beaches (where allowed, of course!).

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