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Book Guide: From Blood and Ash Spicy Chapters and Review

What are the From Blood and Ash spicy chapters? Well, this guide is for you! And is From Blood and Ash spicy? Of course! It’s also one of the Best Books with Extremely Possessive Obsessed and Jealous Heroes out there.

And yes, From Blood and Ash is fairly spicy! Not too much though since there are only 4 From Blood and Ash spicy chapters. Though much more tamed compared to the later installments of the series.

I’m really sorry, but just a note from now on, I don’t have explicit excerpts for the From Blood and Ash spicy chapters anymore!

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout

From Blood and Ash spicy chapters
Series: Blood and Ash #1
Genre: High Fantasy, Romance, New Adult, Vampires, Paranormal
From Blood and Ash Spicy Chapters Spice level:

A Maiden…

Chosen from birth to usher in a new era, Poppy’s life has never been her own. The life of the Maiden is solitary. Never to be touched. Never to be looked upon. Never to be spoken to. Never to experience pleasure. Waiting for the day of her Ascension, she would rather be with the guards, fighting back the evil that took her family, than preparing to be found worthy by the gods. But the choice has never been hers.

A Duty…

The entire kingdom’s future rests on Poppy’s shoulders, something she’s not even quite sure she wants for herself. Because a Maiden has a heart. And a soul. And longing. And when Hawke, a golden-eyed guard honor bound to ensure her Ascension, enters her life, destiny and duty become tangled with desire and need. He incites her anger, makes her question everything she believes in, and tempts her with the forbidden.

A Kingdom…

Forsaken by the gods and feared by mortals, a fallen kingdom is rising once more, determined to take back what they believe is theirs through violence and vengeance. And as the shadow of those cursed draws closer, the line between what is forbidden and what is right becomes blurred. Poppy is not only on the verge of losing her heart and being found unworthy by the gods, but also her life when every blood-soaked thread that holds her world together begins to unravel.

From Blood and Ash Book Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Why am I making the effort to do this?

Well here’s the things. I actually dropped it myself around almost halfway to this book. It was just…I don’t know, it was a bit confusing? It didn’t capture my attention as well as I hoped in the beginning.

But then I was working on the From Blood and Ash spicy chapters list so ended up going back into it. Poppy’s first…interactions with Hawke also caused me to mistakenly think of this book as instant love for a while until I decided to give this book a second chance (and I’m kind of glad I did).

Because I ended up enjoying the book quite a lot and binged the rest of it in a single sitting.

This is why I’m making this review spoiler-free. JLA did not fail. This book is pretty good. I know that when you first read it you may feel inclined to drop it like I did (if you didn’t already do so).

But just trust the process. Finish the entire book. If you still don’t like it? Then it’s probably not for you. If you gave up halfway you may be missing out on something here. Don’t do that to yourself.

If you like initial attraction to belligerent tension to betrayal then to hate-love? Then I think you would enjoy this book. Obviously, if you ended up not liking this book it’s perfectly understandable because this book didn’t really follow the typical enemies-to-lover blueprint in my opinion.

They had a lot of attraction in the beginning and Hawke never tried to hide his attraction for her either. But there is a pretty pleasant twist at the end and I just really had fun reading this book. Just enough spice to be not too much, as seen from there isn’t a lot of From Blood and Ash spicy chapters.

So give it a chance. If you don’t like it, that’s perfectly fine. I ended up enjoying it (very much to my own surprise), and that’s why I’m recommending it to you.

Hope you enjoy it! And make sure to check out From Blood and Ash spicy chapters list from above.

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