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This Week Recap #40: I can feel the heat radiating from my window

I’m pretty happy with this week because I was quite productive with my studying and schedule. On Friday, I went back to my internship place to visit a speech/presentation of famous historian Prasenjit Duara on the topic of Imperialism, soft-power, and empire in the world (especially in Asia).

It’s also getting really hot here – it’s so hot outside that even when my room is technically cool thanks to my air conditioner, I can still legit feel the heat that is purely radiating from my window.

I wonder if I can actually fry an egg on the ground.

Just a thought.

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book promotion of the week

Colossal: Issue #1

Author: Lennox McCaskill

Series: Colossal Series #1

Meridian isn’t a typical town, and this is no typical murder. When Detective Wreings pulls up to a fiery crime scene he’s left wondering whether he’s chasing a man or something more. With a thin list of suspects, the detective’s search leads him to the hospital bed of a man with no name who can’t say for certain whether he is or isn’t the killer everyone is looking for. While trying to prove his innocence, he discovers the key to remembering his past puts him in the path of a girl trying desperately to forget hers. Each passing chapter reveals another piece of the puzzle that will change all their lives and the city of Meridian forever.

I’m an American author and Georgia native with a passion for various forms of storytelling. Growing up, I had a very active imagination that was pretty hard to contain. Whether pretending to be a superhero or an actor, I loved the idea of living in a fantasy world of my own making. But the worlds weren’t just for me, I also created a number of characters, some of which made it into my writings as an adult. I’d give them backgrounds, motivations, and even drew out their stories as comics. Flash forward to today, and those stories aren’t limited to a strip. My first published work, “Colossal”, is a culmination of my interests and inspirations, including my love of TV detectives, science fiction, and of course, super powers. At the same time, the pages of “The Colossal Series” have also housed many of my childhood fears and dreams – some of which have been personified by certain characters. When I’m not writing, I’m busy being a dad to a very smart and imaginative toddler, a husband to a much smarter wife, and an avid sports fan (my favorite teams are Arsenal and Atlanta United). I’m currently teaching and writing the 4th and final book in “The Colossal Series”, titled “Identity”.

The Remnant

Authors: ST & TJ

After recovering from a failed suicide attempt, Shikauhno Lee (age 16) moves from America to her birthplace Ryojima, Japan. Despite her warm and rose colored memories, the city has become a dark and dreary metropolis riddled with fear and rumored supernatural forces. People are mysteriously dying and vanishing under the obscurity known as Black Onda. Despite the dark mystique, Shikauhno attempts to live a normal life only to have her plans upended when she crosses paths with a missing victim.

TJ and ST or ST and TJ are a pair of sibling writers that have a passion for writing, anime, and manga. Growing up, they were captivated by anime before even fully understanding what it was. As their interests and “knowledge” in it increased they were inspired to begin an original work of their own called TheRemnant: This is Not Flesh & Blood. It is currently available online as a manga series and animation script. Their long-term goal is getting it produced as an anime series. Along the way, they hope to leave behind a nice trail of positivity, hope, and inspiration.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.