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ARC Review: Kiss Me in Paris by Catherine Rider

Kiss Me in Paris

Author: Catherine Rider

Genre: YA, Romance, Contemporary, Expedition, Fiction

Publisher: Kids Can Press

Pub. Date: September 4th 2018

Pages: 209 pages

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Serena has just flown all the way to Paris for a special pre-Christmas weekend with her sister, Lara. They plan to retrace the steps of their parents’ long-ago honeymoon in Paris, and create a scrapbook for their bereaved mother to remember it by.

It’s supposed to be serious sister bonding…until Lara takes off with her boyfriend instead.

Jean-Luc is Serena’s Plan B, a friend of a friend of Lara’s, who has some space in a place where Serena can stay. Just like his latest relationship, his photography final has been an epic fail. He has one night to retake all his pictures if he is to stay in school.

Jean-Luc can’t stand Serena’s loud voice or her bright orange sneakers.

Serena can’t stand his haughty manners or the way his camera is always in her face.

Together, though, they set out into a cold night that will warm their hearts, creating unforgettable photos and fresh romantic sparks in the City of Lights.


I received a free copy for an honest review.

Well, this was a complete and utter disaster and disappointment.

I’m this upset right now because I was genuinely looking forward to reading this book, and I remembered exactly just how happy I was when I got the ARC for review. The synopsis was so promising – the scenario in the story made such appealing setting grounds for a potentially great hate-love relationship, with an extremely fun contemporary story-line, and a mature and not-annoying main character.

If you haven’t sensed my sarcasm yet, why I am trying to say was that…this book sucked.

My god, where do I even start. Everything about this book was a complete and utter disaster. This is one of those books that only took me three lines to realize the mistake I have made by wanting to read this book, and the disaster I’ve gotten myself into by reading this book. The story was mediocre, Jean-Luc and Serena were unbearablyannoying, and this book was just a wasted potential because of what the book could’ve been but didn’t become mainly due to the unlikable relationship and the extremely unbearable narrations.

Maybe it was due to the fact that I feel scammed because this book failed to reach my hate-love relationship expectations, or maybe it was because of the character’s unbearable narrations and unlikeableness, I couldn’t even get to finish myself to read this book. Reach was tragic because if the narrator was more bearable if the book gave us the excellent hate-love relationship that implied with an extremely entertaining expedition story-line, it would’ve been amazing. I can also see hints of that possibility through the occasionally meaningful messages from Jean-Luc’s love of photography and Serena’s measurement of the past and memory. Them learning and appreciating each other for their loves would’ve also made great character developments as well as growth, but ultimately nothing I just said happened.

To sum up my experiences reading this book: This is what disappointment feels like people. And it absolutely sucks.

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A pseudonym based on the dual effort of authors James Noble and Stephanie Elliott.

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