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ARC Review: Thief of Cahraman by Lucy Tempest

Thief of Cahraman

Author: Lucy Tempest

Series: Fairytales of Folkshore #1

Genre: Fantasy, Retellings, YA, Romance

Publisher: Folkshore Press

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The Selection meets Aladdin


You have been summoned to Sunstone Palace to compete in our search for the future Queen of Cahraman.

After years on the run, Adelaide thinks her lonely and dangerous life as a thief is finally over. But her world is upended when a witch steals her away to a faraway kingdom, to perform an impossible heist. If Adelaide fails, her newfound family would be sacrificed to a beast.

To complete her mission, she’s forced to assume the role of a noblewoman and enter a royal competition. The prize is the hand of the elusive Crown Prince. Elimination means certain death.

As the witch’s literal deadline approaches, Adelaide has one last gamble to save the day, and to escape to a new life with Cyrus, the handsome and mysterious fellow thief who stole her heart.

But everything falls apart when the prince finally reveals himself…

Fairytales of Folkshore is a series of interconnected fairytale retellings that starts with the Cahraman Trilogy. Ada’s story continues in PRINCE OF CAHRAMAN.


I received a free copy for an honest review.

What I liked most about this book was the combination of The Selection with Aladdin. Being a fan of The Selection series, just having that alone would be enough for me to want to read this book, but to combine it with Aladdin?

I definitely view this book from several perspectives of fascination. The two ideas are so different, yeah Tempest was able to merge them in a story-line so well. Not only does this actually make a very interesting story, it actually works. It makes sense, it’s not awkward, and it’s good. I am so happy to say that.

I also really like the level of mystery and suspense the author had through the book. you can clearly see the hints she’s setting up for the series in general, but she was able to organize and separate the book’s individual arc with the series general arc very nicely, making a clean, comprehensible, yet still fun to read at the same time.

However, despite me liking the book and its idea, I just can’t feel a huge missed opportunity with how this book did not involve a hate-love relationship or even a general slow-burn between Cyrus and Ada. They had really steady and slow encounters before their official “first meeting”, and their entire scenario wouldn’t have the potential to become an amazing shippable hate-love couple. Hopefully/maybe, the author could do that more in book two…but I doubt it *sigh*.

This book was definitely one of the most pleasant ARCs I’ve read recently! I appreciate how slowly (but stability) the author is building up the series arc, and I can’t wait to read book two to see how Cyrus and Ada’s relationship continues to proper and grow.

about the author

I have been spinning magical tales since I learned how to speak. Now, as an author, people can experience the worlds I create for themselves.

I live with one foot in fantasy and the other in Southern California with my family and two spoiled cats, who would make terrible familiars.

My young adult fantasy series FAIRYTALES OF FOLKSHORE is a collection of interconnected fairy tale retellings, each with a unique twist on a beloved tale.

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