This Week Recap #32: Peanut Butter and Re-reading More Books

So for the longest time, I have never tried peanut butter.

I know, how is that actually possible? Peanut butter is literally one of the core of American diet. I’ve heard so much about this in my life, and I have never tried it. Peanut butter this, peanut butter that. I still haven’t tried peanut butter sandwich.

The reason I am talking so much about peanut butter is because I’ve been having a really big problem lately. I can’t stop dipping it in everything. Guava, apple, oreos, chips, and everything. Gosh, I really have a problem (haha). I am going to so look forward to the 3 kilos I’m gonna gain from this…

Okay, this weird peanut butter conversation aside, I have some serious achievements with reading this week. Remember last week, when I had a full conversation about “giving books second chances”? Well, thanks to the amazing redemption I recieved from Leigh Bardugo, I decided to give Julie Kagawa’s Iron King a second chance. And guess what? I actually enjoyed it. Again.

So as my ARC and summer reading TBR pile continues to flounder, please excuse me as I go re-read books I have already read.

Also, the book cover for Kingdom of Ash was revela3ede this week! I think it’s beautiful, and I’m wondering if anyone else caught the “metallic gold” reference *snickers*.


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books read this week

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

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