This Month Wrap-Up: March 2018 + State of the ARC March

“This Month Wrap-Up: March 2018 + State of the ARC March” translation: I am finally getting my blog together, so I am literally doing everything at once including mixing two memes together because I’m so irresponsible.

This month on the blog

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Blog Tour: Reclaiming Shilo Snow by Mary Weber + Giveaway

ARC Review: Quest of Thunder by Karissa Laurel

Blog Tour: Sparrow Squardron by Dl Jung Spotlight

ARC Review: Duty Bound by Christina Bauer

Blog Tour: The Final Six by Alexandra Monir Review + Giveaway

what did I achieve this month?

This month was pretty bad when it comes to productivity, because I dropped everything this month to focus on school, and to get as high grades as possible. My Q3 reports came out, and it was a breath of relief, but still not good enough for some of the courses I was originally recommended in, so I need to drag my grades up further.

Other than that, nothing is that eventful, and I’m just another person trying to be surviving life like this:

I’m also pretty sure I broke my record for most review requests received in one month, and that most likely is due to how I signed up for a lot more ARC lists for authors and publishers (which is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made).

the arc this month

The thing that makes this specific State of the ARC special is not the number of ARCs I currently have, but the number of ARCs request I didn’t even have time to open yet because I had been focusing so much on school.

Here are all the ARCs I downloaded this month:

Here are all the ARCs I finished this month:

five stars arc (my favorites):

Three stars:

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