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This Week Recap #24: Dow Jone’s Stock Droop, Spirit Week

The economic world had gone into panic mode this week. Dow Jone’s historical one-day stock drop sent the world into the frenzies. The effect it had on American stocks also heavily affect Asia’s stock market, since it dropped sharply not too long after US stock drops as well. Thankfully it rose again on Friday with an insane 330 points bounce back after Dow stated how they’ll open with a bigger opening in hopes to get the stock points to go back up. This incident is a really close up, but I hope it can lead everyone sends a message about being careful when it comes to stocks. One wrong step and it can make countries lose everything. It’s can be used as such a dangerous weapon because it’s a chain effect. If one country’s economy sudden wavers it effects the world. We had a close call this week, but if we’re not careful it’ll come back again, and when that time comes no one would know if we’ll be able t bounce back.

Aside from this terrifying and depressing topic, my school had an upbeat week. It’s spirit week for our school, so that means lots and lots of screaming. Also, the upcoming Chinese New Years meant lots and lots of calories consumed. Not like I need any more weight gained to my already weight gain.

This may sound really stupid and cheesy, but I really do worry about our world these days. I really, really hope World War III doesn’t start (don’t judge me, I’m actually scared).

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  • Olympics
  • ’90s Music and Movies
  • I, Tonya

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.