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This Week Recap #21: Upcoming Birthdays

January is a big birthday month for my family. My family have the majority of their birthdays in two months: January and July. I, my mother, and my grandfather all have birthdays in January, while my father and my grandmother have their birthdays in July. I have a surprise for my mother (which I’m planning with my father)…which was probably not the best idea to announce it in a public place like a blog where she could EASILY CHECK IT –

*deep breath*

But I want to share it with you guys, so…yeah.

This may seem like nothing, but it’s pretty cool for me. I started my Intro to Programming class this semester, and it’s definitely not easy. I had to put in some extra work, and just when I thought I’m going to die and fail this class, I suddenly got it. I can translate binary codes now! It may seems like nothing, but it actually took a little bit of extra time and work for me to understand. So it is an extra accomplishment for the week.

I finished another of my Agatha Christie novel, The Mystery Affair at Styles, and I’m trying to find a time to finish that review. I also have several blog posts idea that I just (kind of started), and there’s that too. I also got an ARC this week!

I posted less than expected this week, which was weird because for some mysterious reason, I thought I did a little bit more (probably from all the work I put into my unfinished posts). So yeah, despite that, this week is pretty busy, and…productive, I guess 😀

This Week on the Blog:

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Upcoming Posts:

Book Review: The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.