Year of 2018 in Books, What’s the Plan?

Oh my god it’s already 2018.

But even when a lot of people would say 2017 was horrible (which I kind of can see why), on a personal level, 2017 was one of the most successful years for me.

I successfully dieted (although I haven’t reached my goal yet, the fact that it’s working meant a lot). My blog…well, I’m working on it. It’s my fault and my fault only that my blog hadn’t been growing that much this year. Of course, this official makes grow my blog one of my main 2018 new year resolution.

Ways I can do that is:

  • Sign up for more tours
  • Do more ARCs
  • Read more books
  • Reply to comments
  • Comment more

My grades had also made this year a big year of improvement for me. I’m officially a straight A student (except for ONE subject, dang it). And I hope to improve and grow myself in that area further in the current year. So maintain or improve my grades is my second goal.

Ways I can do this:

  • Study (duh)
  • Always make sure I understand my homework
  • Don’t be afraid to ask teachers for help
  • Continuing what I did the previous semester

I’ve also been not reading as many books as I hoped after summer ended, due to the complicated, busy, and full work schedule. I hope to improve that as well, so I can actually finish my TBR list books and resume in doing ARCs.

Just writing all these down and thinking about it is actually freaking me out a lot. What are you guys’s plans for 2018? Share it with me!

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