Book Boyfriend Friday #9: Someone I Truly Did Not Expect

Welcome to Book Boyfriend Friday! A weekly meme hosted here at The Reading Life every week to show everyone who the lucky boy of the week is ?. Everyone is welcome to join! As long as you link it back to my blog. Also, feel free to link up your weekly Book Boyfriend up too so everyone can have share and look at each other’s favorite boys.

I never thought this day would come. Oh my god. I remember how everyone, I mean everyone is always talking about how Damon is the perfect definition of a bad boy, how he’s like Rhysand from ACOTAR.

I never believed that. I mean, I can see how he’s a bad boy, but I would’ve never imagined how much I would like him because I always though he was so ugly.

(I’m sorry, but that was seriously what I thought at that time ?)

And then, I watched (I’m not exaggerating) one scene. One scene of Damon on Youtube.

Oh. My. God.

Let’s just say that this guy, this character has a reputation for a very, very good reason.

Have you ever been in a situation where everyone is reacting heavily toward something, and you’re just like, that musts be exaggerated, and you don’t believe you’ll feel or react the same way.


And you’re just like, oh my go it’s real.

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