5 Ways To Get Insomnia From Books

This post was inspired by Avalinah’s 5 Ways to Get Book Related Insomina. Remember to click on the link to check on her list of ways to get insomnia from reading.

1. Starting a book right before you go to sleep

Once you start you can’t stop. I learned this the hard way.

2. When the author pulls a Veronica Roth

It is horrible to read a book when the main character dies. But times that by five thousand if you just so unfortunately read it right before you go to sleep.

3. When the author kills off the love interest (or just any character in general)

*evil laughter by the author*

This is never pleasant, but it is not the thing you need to help you sleep.

4. When the book has an bittersweet, bad, or left-over ‘meaningful’ ending

I ain’t taking this bullshit.

5. When you have no one to talk to to scream about the book together right after you finish it

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