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This Week Recap #9: Renovation! (for the hundredth time) and Weight Loss

As usual, I’m linking up with Kimberly @ The Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Blogger problems #10387823982373283

You. Just. Can’t. Stop. Changing. Your. Blog.

Like editing stuff.

You know, managing a blog sometimes is like drawing eyeliner. You finish drawing the eye liners on both eyes, and they look great. But then you just see that tiny, tiny, TINY little thing you can fix just to make it perfect. And you do it, and now it’s worse, and you do it again just to make it less worse.

And before you know it you end up with this 1 minute before school starts:

It’s the same with blogging. You always find something to change or fix with your blog. Always. But then there’s the risk of changing it, and not being able to go back if you accidentally messed it up, and eventually end up with the catastrophic eyeliner problem result.

But it didn’t happen this time! (Thank the bloody gods).

If you haven’t noticed…you should notice it. But I renovated my blog! I have updated the logo, and the header in general. I just want to say that it’s not a picture, it’s free given away by other bloggers (the flowers), and every single one of them is individual. So I had to put them and format them myself. So it’s like buying cloths but making your own clothes with it, it can be said it’s single handedly hand made by me.

It looks, amazing, and I hope you guys like it too! PLEASE tell me what you think, I worked so hard on it and it took me so long.

I know in the title it said ‘weight loss’. I’ve never mentioned it before, but I’m a diet. I’m 167 cm, and I use to weight 60 kilograms. I’m not overweight, but I do want to be pretty, and I could see weight that I can loose.

So over the summer, my parents took on the role to give me some really, really strict diets, and it worked!

I lose 3 kilograms in 3 months. And just this 3 kilograms (according to others) really made a difference.

This made me just more motivated to continue, because what’s more motivating for weight lost than seeing your results?

My goal is to officially reach 54 kilograms, and depending on how I looked then, 50 kilograms.

My ultimate goal is to get good grades, my straight teeth dream is on the run thanks to the braces, and I’m losing weight.

(This is becoming a goals post ?)

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*Cough* Throne of Glass fandom *Cough*


this is so on point

And just threw in a little extra because this meme IS NATIONAL TREASURE


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.