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Blogger Interview: Rissi @ Finding Wonderland

When was Finding Wonderland first made?

2011, and it’s hard for me to believe it’s been 6 years.

What inspired Finding Wonderland to be created?

The joy of writing. Prior to its creation, I’d been able to contribute film reviews to a fun website (which taught me how much I enjoyed writing), but as that was drawing to a close, I began looking for another writing avenue. Blogging felt like a natural transition.

What is the blog Finding Wonderland mainly about?

It’s evolved over the years (and hopefully will continue to do so). Its purpose was to house reviews that weren’t needed on the site I contributed to, and therefore, was once envisioned as a “professional” outlet. It’s become so much more. It’s a book and film review site that also features weekly Top Ten Tuesday posts, and an author spotlight feature that though I’ve fallen behind with, I hope to return to. The next phase I hope to implement is more discussion posts.

Most of all, I hope I’m striving to create an inviting place for fellow readers and bloggers to visit and hang out. Conversation is one of a blogger’s greatest joys.

Which book/movie adaptation do you absolutely hate the most (and I mean like really, really hate. Like I-am-going-to-kill-this-effing-director hate)?

To be honest, I don’t think I can say that about any of the adaptations I’ve seen. Or up until this point, I haven’t had this sort of reaction. “Disappointing” could be used for Hallmark Channel’s Love’s Enduring Promise and the subsequent films that followed.

Their first film (based on the series by Janette Oke), Love Comes Softly was really sweet and quietly powerful, but the films that followed continued to take bigger steps away from the source (so much so they weren’t recognizable was it not for the beloved character names). I have a soft spot for the book series since it’s one I read as a preteen.

Which book/movie adaptation do you absolutely love?

Hmm… tough question. The truth is I usually enjoy book-to-film adaptations even when they differ because it’s another expression of creativity in storytelling. That said, to answer this question, I suppose I’ll chose Everything, Everything since it’s the most recent adaptation I’ve seen, and read the novel.

How did you become a member of the Advisory Board for INSPYs?

This came about, all due to the amazing ladies leading the board. I still work with two who extended an invitation; I came on with a fellow newbie, and have since then been able to welcome (after saying goodbye to one of our longtime board members) another blogging friend to the board.

It’s been a great experience that I’ve been extremely grateful to have; shout-out to my fellow board members.

As a bookworm who enjoys romantic comedies and drama, do you enjoy hate-love relationships?

Depends. Most of the time, I enjoy them provided both characters are likable as individuals. It’s fun to see that kind of “flirty” relationship that starts off with some wit and evolves into a beautiful love story. Of course, the best example of this is Darcy and Lizzy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice!

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Can we have an interview solely devoted to my favorite authors?? *smiles* Because, yeah, this list is long. Here are a few…

Hester Browne (The Runaway Princess is hilarious and I love its British hero); Lynette Eason; Denise Hunter; Hillary Manton Lodge (highly recommend Hillary’s newest, Jane of Austin); Emery Lord; Amy Matayo (beautiful contemporary stories); Stephanie Perkins (Anna and the French Kiss is my favorite YA ever – depending on the day I’m asked); Dani Pettrey (fabulous suspense that keeps getting better); Katherine Reay; Melissa Tagg; Becky Wade; and so many more.

How does your blog want to influence the world with their contents?

Influencing the world isn’t something I’ve related my little corner of the web with. I don’t see it as an influence in a big scope. Instead I hope that it can be an avenue to connect readers with new stories or authors, or maybe just a place for people to enjoy conversing with like-minded readers as it once did for me. (I don’t have many people in my day-to-day life that are readers like I am, so meeting those in this amazing community has been so much fun.)

It sounds strange to say, but blogging is really a journey, and has taught me a great deal.

What kind of obstacle or problems had you been through with this blog?

In terms of any challenges externally from visitors, I feel very grateful to say, I haven’t experienced any. If we’re speaking of personal obstacles, there have been some. The most glaring of which being posts I’ve written (with good intentions) that came across wrong. I’m grateful that I can look back and realize I’ve “grown up” from that choice or mindset.

Internally is another story. I’ve have various theme (template) challenges, panicked not long ago because I thought I’d destroyed and lost my blog’s entire frame/content archive, and labored over many coding issues when changing themes. Behind the scenes, there’ve been many a hair-pulling frustrations. It’s a life all bloggers understand.

How does this site communicate with their followers?

Readers can keep up with my posts by following it through a variety of sources including Twitter, Facebook, GFC, BlogLovin’, or subscribe and receive new posts right to their inbox. I can also be emailed or readers can leave comments, which I will respond to – it simply may take me an extra day or two.

What tips would this site give to future/young bloggers?

Find your niche! Whatever it is. If you want to be a journal blogger, pursue sharing your heart and finding readers who can appreciate your journey or relate. If you love fashion, go for it and share your fashion know-how. If you love books and talking about pop culture, join us and hit “publish” on that first post. Speaking solely from experience in this book community, it’s amazing, and we warmly welcome newbies.

In the end we all have to find what works best for us and our style. But above all, if you’re looking to jump into blogging or have just started, whatever your chosen topic, pursue it 100% if it’s what you want to write about. Join a social media platform, learn about hashtags and using graphics, and run with it. Become involved, chat with other bloggers (friendly tip: don’t ask for follows), get to know fellow bloggers. It’s all about finding the right “community” and the readership that enjoys the journey.

Thanks so much for featuring Finding Wonderland, Anne. It’s been a pleasure to chat with you.

It’s a pleasure for me too! Hopefully we can stay connect in the future �

About Rissi

Hey, there! I am an auburn-haired (thanks L’Oreal!) 20-something Midwesterner who is an aspiring writer and the girl who wears heels with jeans. I’m a 4-year contributor to Femnista (aka the coolest webzine ever) and a recent Life is Story (tweeter: @lisreviews) and going on a year now as a Silver Petticoat contributor (a.k.a an amazing hybrid online publication), and am thrilled to be involved with the INSPYs Advisory Board. I’m a confirmed bookaholic who’s passionate about words and writing – which may explain why I make up conversations between my current characters in my head (this can be quite inconv
enient), and have an Internet photo phobia. Saying I am a fan of the “meet-cute” and happy-ever-afters is an understatement.

When I’m not typing away at my keyboard or working as a jewelry designer (Etsy), spending quality time with my wonderful family is a favorite pastime.

You, the readers and wonderful friends never cease to brighten my day with a cheerful comment or encouraging word and you are an endless source of inspiration, so thank you.

Here are some of my favorite things: abc’s crime drama, Castle // blogging // bright, beautiful crisp days // costume dramas // dancing with the stars // fairytales // friends // inspy’s // music // novels // olicity // photography // rainy days // romantic comedies // simple joys // starbucks // team mckenna // writing

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