Quotey Tuesday #5: Empire of Storms

Quotey Tuesday is a weekly meme where we share our favorite quote from the book we’re reading that week!

“Her body betrayed her. Began Shaking.

She knew the pain. Knew what it’d feel like, what it’d sound like.

Her dreams are still full of it.

And even bracing herself, even clamping down hard, there was nothing to prepare for the crack, the sting, the pain. She did not let herself cry out, only hissed through her teeth.

“Start over,” Meave merely ordered over the girl.

So Cairn did.




They started over nine times before Aelin finally screamed. The blow had been right atop another one, tearing skin down to the bone.





-Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

This scene. This. Fricking. Scene.

When I saw how Meave is going to whip her, WHIP HER (only ToG fans would get this), I truly and utterly lost it and started sobbing in despair.

I hate you Sarah J. Maas.


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