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Book Review: Mated To The Werewolf King by Alena Des

Title: Mated To The Werewolf King

Author: Alena Des

Series: NA

Genre: Paranormal, romance, supernatural

Source: ARC, publisher


Dive into a universe filled with magical creatures, from demons, “ifrits”, and werewolves to nymphs, witches, and superpowers-wielding entities. A must for fantasy and romance readers alike!

When Annabelle discovers that she is not the true daughter of the Alpha in her pack, her world, as she knows it, comes crashing down and she finds herself running to hide from the tyrannical Demon Lord who is hellbent on finding her.

Seeking protection, she flees to the court of the Werewolf King. He’s arrogant, stubborn and discerning of her very being, but willing to defend her… for now.

Will the Werewolf King yield to the Demon Lord’s ultimatum and give her to the enemy or will she be the cause of a looming war between the two species?

More importantly, what does the Demon Lord want with Belle? She’s only a werewolf… isn’t she?


It’s the kind of romance story that reminded you of a fanfiction on Wattpad.

It is so bad it’s good.

The romance is atrocious.

And I bloody loved it.

Okay, just give me a moment to collect my thoughts.

*intake of coffee*

I was almost tempted to give this book 5 stars, because it is so rare that I laugh so hard in my life. So few books are capable of doing that to me.

So in a way, I really enjoyed this book.

Because of how horrible it is.

This book is the definition of things that are so bad, they’re good.

The romance is a fricking joke. It is actually funny to read. It’s such a big mess, and just a whole giant pile of what-the-actual-hell-is-going-on.

The hero in this story, the Wolf King, Keith, actually reminded me of my father. He does not command respect, he does not seem like a leader, he just seems like a tyrant who screams at people to earn respect (which of course never works).

I think there was an attempt on the love triangle with Xavier, but the whole story is so all over the place it’s just…

I legitimately laughed out loud when they first kissed. It was so weird. Like ten seconds ago Keith was totally making out with the classic bitch character in all paranormal books Zena, and threw her into the dungeon.

And when he visited her to tell her how she deserved it, it’s like one moment he’s throwing her against the wall, and the next they are, and I quote, ‘kissing passionately’, and he’s like, ‘damn you for making me want you again”.

The romance (if you can call that) in the book is also just basically a horrible attempt at a hate-love relationship that turned into a severe insta-love you only see in self-published indie books.

It’s romances like this, books like this that made me also tell my readers why I know Twilight is actually not that bad.

And when they go on to their journey, literally a few hours after he screamed at her for being late…he then calls her baby…

I’m not even know how to talk about the story because it’s completely inconsequential.

The story, right off the bat, I knew it’s faced paced. And faced paced is good, I love those books. But this book reveals everything so fast. Like fact after fact, just like that. BAM you’re adopted. BAM Wolf King is here. BAM Keith loves you.

And then of course there are all the technical difficulties in this book:

The ‘Voice of the protagonist’

The book actually writes like a diary of a winy, cheesy teenage girl. There are lines in here that should be rearranged, changed (or deleted) to portray Belle better, or just make her…less cheesy in general.

“Oww, he was so very sweet!”

“That was my parents for you!”


“Whew! thank the moon goddess”

“Aargh! How I want to rip his heart out.”

I feel like this sentence can be restructured so it’s not so…bland.

“He was making me so mad; my blood was boiling.”

Completely overusing the exclamation points

The most basic rule in fiction writing: Do not use so much exclamation points. It is basic knowledge that exclamation points, especially in fiction writings are usually unnecessary, and often just jug the readers.

The dialogues

Half the things said in the dialogues can be transferred as our protagonists’ thoughts, and not only would’ve improved the writing structure, but the fluency of the dialogues.

It’s such a shame that the story is that bad, because it’s got potential. I love paranormal supernatural books, so when I saw that this book has a possible hate-love relationship, I immediately jumped on it.

I would give this book five stars from how much it made me laugh and how much I enjoyed it, but on actual serious technical terms, this book is worth at most one and a half star.

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