Quotey Tuesday #2: Too Much is Always Poison

Quotey Tuesday is a weekly meme where we share our favorite quote from the book we’re reading that week!

‘“He locked you up because he knew—the bastard knew what a treasure you are. That you are worth more than land or gold or jewels. He knew, and wanted to keep you all to himself.”

The words hit me, even as they soothed some jagged piece in my soul. “He did—does love me, Rhysand.”

“The issue isn’t whether he loved you, it’s how much. Too much. Love can be a poison.” And then he was gone.” ‘

-Rhysand, A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

This quote is beautiful, real, and saddening all at the same time. Sarah (god bless this amazing author) wrote so many beautiful quotes that touched me in unthinkable ways, and made me think. This quote is one of them. We all know (and have no doubt) that Tamlin loved Feyre no less than Rhysand. My mother always told me: everything turns sour when you over do it. We were all there – we were all there with Feyre when we fall in love with Tamlin in A Court of Thorns and Roses. And you’ll be a liar if you said that not once, not once in the rest of the series did you think that if Tamlin realized his mistakes earlier, he would’ve actually had a chance with Feyre.

And I think that is what made this all so hard to swallow.

Triangle love can be annoying when you really can tell that the second guy doesn’t have a chance, which makes it unrealistic, cheesy, and a bad book in general. But in situations like this, it’s so realistic that…we don’t know how to feel anymore. It’s life. Everyone loved Rhysand, but we all can’t help but feel bad for Tamlin either. Because deep down, we all know, he truly, truly loved her.

I have to give it to Sarah, no book, and I mean no book, have ever made me doubt love before.

It’s really funny how life ‘works out’ in the end.


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