Blogger Interview: Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer

About Her:

Kimberly is a coffee loving book addict who reads and listens to fictional stories in all genres. She’s a self-professed Whovian, as well as a Supernatural, and Sherlock Holmes junkie, She enjoys sharing books, tips, recipes and hosting the Sunday Post. The coffee is always on and she is ready to chat

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When was The Caffeinated Reviewer first made?

My blog was created in August of 2011. I posted my first review on the 14th. At the time my blog was hosted on Blogger and it was called Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Why did you create this blog?

My nest was emptying and I needed something to fill my days as my children became independent. It started with a way to share my thoughts on books and from there it took off. At the time I had no idea how big the book blogging world was. Goodreads opened the door to other bloggers for me.

What do you do as your side job? How do you make a living?

I work as a virtual assistant for authors. In 2015, I created Caffeinated VA Services. It allows me to work in a field I am passionate about and take care of my grandchildren part-time, so their mother and father can work.

What is your favorite genre as a blogger, what genre do you prefer when doing reviews and when just doing a casual reading?

First, I review all of the books I read whether audio, arc or purchased. As for genres, I am a bit of a genre whore and love to mix things up. For example, this week I listened to a horror novel, got swept up in a Regency romance, stepped into an urban fantasy and dove into a dark contemporary romance before devouring a dystopian young adult novel.

How is it possible that you finish so many reviews in a week (like you post a new review each day)?

I read on average 3-4 books a week with a yearly total falling between 250-300. However, I blog head. I am not one to fly by the seat of my pants. Plus life happens, so I like having things set up in advance. The next 6-8 weeks are already scheduled. Each week contains 4-5 reviews, discussion post and more. Right now, it is the last week of June. I have July and most of August finished. I even have some posts in September and November already scheduled.

Where did you get the name, “The Caffeinated Reviewer”?

I began as Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Kimba was a nickname my father gave me as a child. (The White Lion) I soon dropped the Kimba when I bought my own domain, and now use and own the domains Caffeinated Book Reviewer and Caffeinated Reviewer. The Caffeinated stems from my addiction to coffee. If you visit my blog, you’ll soon catch on to the fact that I love coffee from the design to the Coffee dates with books.

Have you written for any other websites or offline publications?

I review for RT, and have done a few online pieces/interviews for XOXO After Dark

What kind of problems did you encounter through this blog?

We all go through bumps from technical difficulties to atrocious spelling errors. I have been fortunate that mine have been minor and easily resolved. The most frustrating thing has been the theft of my coffee cup and books logo. Designers to new bloggers have taken the image off Google and I have had to issue DMCA takedowns.

What tips would this site give to future/young bloggers?

Forget the stats, be you, be original and most of all have fun. Post about the topics you’re passionate about whether it’s books or new shoes.


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