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Book Review: Slaughterhouse Morning by Nyla Nox

Title: Slaughterhouse Morning

Author: Nyla Nox

Series: Graveyards of the Banks #3

Publication Date: March 12, 2017

Page Count:424

Genre: Fiction, banks and banking

Format: eBook

Source: ARC, publisher



I received a free copy for an honest review.

First off, I’ll like to apologize to the publishers who sent the book to me to review, since it took a bit longer than expected to read the write the review because first off, I really have a lot of books to review and read, but most importantly, I may have checked out the first two books as well so I can understand more of the last book of the trilogy.

The book can be said to be very unique in different ways, but two things I’ll like to acknowledge is the writing style, and how they separated the trilogy itself and the chapters to ‘seasons’. The book mainly focused on the protagonist, Nyla who works at the graveyard. She’s not exactly a big fan of her job, and she’s always wondering if she’ll ‘survive’ from the grueling schedules and never ending shifts. And then there’s the rich businessman who is romantically interested in Nyla, who I also graciously nicknamed the ‘suitcase dude’ in my head because he’s always carrying a traveling bag. But his name in the book is The Bagman, so that also kind of settles it, but I liked mine better.

I really liked the character Nyla. In a way she is kind of feisty (from how she contents the suitcase dude) and no doubt strong an independent, but what I loved most about her is how she wasn’t overdone. I’ve seen many authors who made this strong, sassy, savage, girl who is independent, but ended up just making her seem extremely annoying and ignorant because it was too over. That didn’t happen in this book.

Through Bagman, Nyla was introduced to the complicating world of the banking industry and mafia. I also learned a lot about finance and banks in this book. I love books like this, when the author is writing about an industry, and writes it so well that we actually learn something. There are an excellent amount of detail that helps both Nyla and the reader understand the industry, and having a successful career in a successful bank. But because I read the previous books in the series beforehand, the overflowing detail was not overwhelming, took less time to comprehensive, therefore making it much enjoyable.

The writing style (like I mentioned above), is very unique. It took me a while to realize that it’s like mini-chapters, which is how the book itself is capable of being only separated to two seasons despite its length. Then half a chapter later I realized they’re the episodes. I have never read anything like this before, but it’s a good unique, since it hugged the story perfectly like a dress made for someone.

The author through this book exposed and explored the hardships of the banking industry, telling us the story of all those bankers who have to live through and endure hardships through the toughest times. Personally, I enjoyed the lengthy story and its overwhelming details. The specific details of the story are one of the crucial things that made me so involved in the book. Ultimately, I am very impressed and so glad had chosen to accept and review this book, since reading it itself is was a wonderful experience.

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