Problems All Kindle Users Understand (and Absolutely Hate)

1. When You Eating While Reading and It Splashes All Over Your Kindle

I swear one day mine’s gonna break because of it.

2. When People Mistake Your Kindle As A Phone

The Stupidity in this makes this 10 times offensive.

3. When People Ask to Touch Your Kindle

No you may not.

4. When Your Mom Threatens To Take Your Kindle Away Because You Read To Much

Not going down without a fight

5. When Your Kindle Starts Lagging Just When the Story Is Starting To Go Down


6. You Forgot To Charge It, and You’re Away From Your Charger

Absolutely the worst feeling

7. When People Ask “Is that a Kindle?”

No. It’s a spaceship.

8. When You Waste Your Precious Money On a Book You Regret

You son of a…

9. This Would Eventually Happen to All of Us: The Day Our Kindles Run Out of Storage


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