How to Create a Reading Playlist Perfect for Reading

Try To Go Lyrics Free

Try to read words while listening to words can be a little bit distracting. It’s like reading two different books with each of your single eyeballs (this analogy is creepy but true). I personally suggest classical music or if you have a more modern taste, classical covers of modern songs.

Artists like The Piano guys and Lindsey Stirling makes some of the best classical and instrumental covers of modern songs, and they’re also my personal favorites.

But If You Have To, Try Softer Modern Songs

Grace VanderWaal. Her songs are really sonf, but still modern and generally really good. I am still waiting for her to release new music, but her songs would be a great fit not only for reading, but studying too. Of course, some people still prefer modern songs with lyrics, or lyrics just don’t bother them. If that’s the case, I suggest artists like

Youtube has its perks

Go to YouTube and search “Relaxing Music”, and you’ll get a whole hell of a long list of “hour long relaxing music for studying and reading.” But many of that music are extremely soft, and more fitting for mediation than reading. So I suggest instead of just searching relaxing music, search “Jazz Relaxing Music” or “Relaxing Pop/Hip-Pop Music”.


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