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Why The Kindle is Awesome, and Why You Should Get a Kindle

1. It’s convenient for taking notes

This might not sound like a lot, but it can be extremely convenient if you use it to study, for work, or even just for pure entertainment. When I read books for review on my kindle, whenever I came across a thought of improvement or a mistake I came across, I’ll always highlight it or make a note so I wouldn’t forget it when I write the review. Of course, you can still do that with print books, but you have to have sticky-notes or at least pens with you.

2. It’s cheap

Because it doesn’t cost print money, kindle ebooks are always cheaper, and are are suppose to be cheaper than print books.

3. It’ll save you from an emotional catastrophe if you can’t find the print book anywhere

If you can’t find a squeal to a book, or you just aren’t able to find books interesting to read in bookstores, here is where kindles come it. Trust me, it can save you from an emotional breakdown when you can’t find a specific book, because I swear like Amazon have every single book on earth, some even not printed. Which leads me to my next point.

2. You’ll have a higher chance of finding your next favorite Series on Kindle

Because the kindle runs online, you have literally an ultimately access to books that are not even printed, or the chances of you every finding one by accident in a book store are slim to none. And because of the wide varieties, you’ll find a good book you’ll love easier on Kindle, also because websites such as Amazon will help you search through you history, which they use to see what kind of books you like.

4. They offer free samples

This is probably by far one of the things I love most about kindles. When you buy a book from a bookstore, they’re always wrapped, and it’s not like the cashier would cut it open for you to take a sneak peak. You make decisions on the blurb on the back and the blurb alone. That’s not very safe, and you may make many bad choices because you just don’t have enough information to deem if you’ll enjoy the book or not. Kindles offer you free samples, so you can download it for free. And after you read the samples if you like it you buy it, and if you don’t…well, it can save you another 3 dollars, and that can become a lot over time. You have no idea how many times this saved me from buying the wrong book. Of course, it’s not perfect, but still much better than just reading a blurb, right?

5. Bring all your books in one place

Yes! We’re finally here! This is probably the most said and repeated advantage of a kindle. Because you can bring all your book at once without the weight of the actual book, kindles are perfect for events like traveling and vocations. Although it’s an amazing feeling to have collections of print books, but when you want to read multiple books away from your collection, kindle’s your guy.

6. Perfect for night owls

Not like you should be reading at night (at least not encouraged), everyone should be getting their sleep. But what I’m saying is that kindles, especially Kindle Paperwhites, are made to reduce damage to the eyes. The Kindle Paperwhites have four tiny LED lights buried underneath its black plastic bezel, which can be adjusted depending on the amount of light in the room, and the lighting required.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.