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Book Review: Starcrossed by Jody Morse and Jayme Morse

Title: Starcrossed

Author: Jody Morse and Jayme Morse

Series: The Sherwoods Wolves #2

Publication Date: March 19, 2016

Page Count:165

Genre: YA, paranormal, romance

Format: eBook

Source: ARC



I received a free copy for an honest review.

The book overall is very enjoyable, and precisely I should’ve given this book 4.5 stars if to judge it only based on its plot. But there was a good reason for this point off, and it’s lucky it’s only a 0.5 point off.

I wish I can separate the review of this book into two parts: romance and the story. The story was AMAZING. It just left me wanting more and more. I couldn’t put my kindle down (that is probably because of all the cliffhangers that are literally at the end of every single fricking chapter). It was entertaining, enjoyable, well organized, and it’s just great. The story itself is worth four stars. And it’s such a shame because the book could’ve gotten perfect 5 stars if the romance was this good as well, but that didn’t happen. The romance was horrid. Absolutely horrid. I understand that I feel this way is probably caused by how Jax and Camryn are separated from each other half of the book, but couldn’t the author figured something else? And even though romantic scenes did pop out once in a while, it just didn’t get me to feel anything, because it’s just not well expressed. The situations were not well thought out enough. If the author just writes the situation better in Jax and Camryn’s favor and add more jealous scenarios, it would’ve helped a lot. I know it’s not my problem that I’m not feeling the chemistry between them because I’ve read so many other books that go me squirming in my chair, screaming and crying from the chemistry overdose. A book with well-written romance is capable of that, and that takes good scenarios for the character/story in general. But this book didn’t get me feeling this way. And I wanted to feel it so bad because the story is absolutely amazing, and I just want a good romantic relationship to go along with it. I didn’t feel the overprotectiveness where Jax risks everything for Camryn, and that usually is the best way to help the reader feel the love between two characters. I believe this book’s romance would’ve been perfect. Because the romance had so much potential! If only the authors made a few changes.

Also, I just want to add how since the moon binding process has already begun for like, a long time already, maybe another way to improve this book to perfection is to add changes in Camryn to show the effects of the process, kind of like foreshadowing. Dropping hints once a while, here and there. Changes in her physical appearances, emotions, and basic habits. The author could’ve added scenes that seems to mean nothing at all, but hints the changes in her and how she’s getting a day closer to death with the soul binding process continuing. Such as loosing appetite, loosing interest in favorite foods, moody, etc. It can be added just a small hint, and finish with a narrative like ‘it’s probably nothing’, or just leave it alone.

Now that I’ve spent half this review critiquing this book, I have to praise the majority, and that is the plot of this book. I’ve read books where the story was just a hot mess, and problems are everywhere. It’s so chaotic and it’s unrealistic that it’s just not enjoyable anymore. However, this book managed to organize and focus on all the main problems, without getting off track in any way, while still adding on other small issues so the reader wouldn’t feel bored, but it’s still in order and not overwhelming.

Either way, I still really enjoyed this book, and even if the romance wasn’t up to the standers, and plotline was very well done. So overall, I give it a 4 to 4.5 stars.

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