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Interview with Blogger/Photographer Yasmin Qureshi

What inspired you to become a blogger and what do you wish to

accomplish with your blog?

I was inspired to become a blogger after I discovered the community by chance on Twitter in 2011. I’d found some great blogs that I loved reading in my spare time, one of which was Scarlett London, and in February 2013 I finally started my own called Yazzy’s Corner. I loved having my own little corner on the internet to talk about whatever I wanted.

What is your blog mainly about, and do you enjoy what you do?

My current blog was started in 2014, called Yasmin Qureshi Photography where I have shared my work throughout university. Now that I’ve found a direction for my blog, I hope to continue to shoot for it and eventually call it my full-time job.

My blog is mainly about sharing my photoshoots with inspirational women and writing about them and their careers. As I’m a photographer, it’s important I plan shoots with all the women who I feature. An example of this is a shoot I did with a singer/songwriter from Birmingham (whose only 13 years old!) and I wrote a post to introduce her to my readers. The thing that I love is that I don’t just write about women who have made a big name for themselves in the industry they work in. I want to make my blog a platform where everyone can be featured. As for whether or not I enjoy what I do, the answer is YES! I love that I’m able to do what I enjoy and there’s a possibility of me turning my blog into my career.

Have you written for any other websites or offline publications?

No, unfortunately I haven’t but I’m sure that one day I’ll be able to 🙂

When did you start blogging?

Even though I’ve been working on Yasmin Qureshi Photography since 2014, I actually started blogging in February 2013.

What have you learned through blogging?

I’ve learned that there are so many skills involved in running a blog, from managing your time, organising my shoots, networking and also communicating with brands and other bloggers too.

Is there anything you’d like to add about blogging?

Just that I love it!

What kind of obstacle or problems had you been through for your blog?

I think the main obstacle or problem I’ve felt with my blog is finding a direction for it. When I first started blogging on Yazzy’s Corner, I used to write about anything and everything which made it quite a personal blog. Now that I’ve found a direction for my blog I’m finding that opportunities coming to me and individuals are approaching me themselves to work with them in one way or another, and I’m finding that I’ve become quite picky with who I choose to work with. I’m definitely learning to say no to opportunities and collaborations that aren’t right for me and that can only be a good thing, because I know what my goals for my brand and Yasmin Qureshi Photography are.

How do you communicate with your followers? How much time do you

usually spend on your blog?

I love using Twitter and Instagram to communicate with my followers, but I’m also a member of various Facebook groups where I can communicate with other bloggers too which is great. I’m planning on spending a lot more time on my blog as I plan more shoots with inspirational women, but since I’m at university I can’t spend as much time on my blog as I’d like to. Once I’ve finished that’ll definitely change though!

How would you describe your blogging style?

I’m not too sure how to describe my blogging style, because I feel it’s still going to grow and evolve over the next few months as I find my feet with the direction I’m taking my blog in, but I’m definitely a photography blogger.

What tips would you give to blogger wannabes and young/new bloggers?

I would say to just blog about the things you’re passionate about and couldn’t get tired of writing about. It’s so important to find your own voice and style amongst the crowd, and what better way to do that than be yourself? Also, don’t get too caught up in the number of views and followers you get, concentrate on creating the best content you can first.

And here are some of her works:

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