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Book Review: The Griever’s Mark By Katherine Hurley

Title: The Griever’s Mark

Author: Katherine Hurley

Series: Griever’s Mark Series #1

Publication Date: November 11, 2014

Page Count:342

Genre: YA, high fantasy, magic, romance

Format: eBook

Source: Amazon Purchase



Many people praised this book, which is one of the reasons why I bought it. Maybe this book is not written well, but I don’t like it probably because that it’s just not my cup of tea. That’s why I’m giving it one and a half. But I really, really, regret wasting my money to buy this book.

First off, the plot-line is dull. it’s boring and useless. There was nothing special about the romance, it didn’t make me squirm in my chair, and the magic is just…dull. In my opinion, this book should be free, and it isn’t worth a penny. I also have to make a comment about the book cover. It’s not exactly my favorite. I believe it’s too…show off for a young adult book…and a little bit too sexual.

On the other hand, this book does have a unique point (for better or for worse), and that is the heroine is not the special one. In the first book, we were hinted many times, and it’s the second book where the author really showed us the main male protagonist Logan’s true nature and in this case, his true parentage. The romance is also plain, but before everything here is the basic plot-line.

For many years there are two different kinds of people: the Drifters and the Earthmakers. They are ultimate enemies, and would always be against each other. Astari has been a slave her entire life to her master Belos. Belos used a leash bond in order to trap and enslave many other drifters including her to his control. Astari had always wanted to be free from him, but couldn’t.

Then she met Logan. And the story basically begins there. Logan helped her escape temporally from Belos’ grasp by bringing her to the Earthmaker’s world, the only place Belos cannot reach as a drifter. There she met many other Earthmakers, both friends, and foes. I believe Hurley’s world-building is written pretty well, and there are different dept and past in each character.

Unfortunately, the romance did not make me squirm in my seat, nor be excited about any future progress. So I’m not giving it a one star because it’s written too well to deserve that, but I’m only giving it one and a half just because it is just not my cup of tea. So if you don’t want to take a risk, borrow it from someone instead of buying it yourself.

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